Dr Sketchy’s is always fun but I knew I was going to especially enjoy April’s with the Femme Fatale  theme and I really did. There’s always such a laid back and relaxing atmosphere at the Dr Sketchy nights, I recommend it to anyone wanting to do something to wind down and relax of an evening. I have no scientific evidence but I swear my blood pressure goes down after a Sketchy. It definitely puts a smile on my face!



Digital Art by Kev Blisse

The first act was a slinky, sexy, singing Jessica Rabbit. I have a special fondness for Jessica, in fact I dressed up as her for a recent Club Lash, so I was really looking forward to hearing Jessica live.  Nicole Sylvia had a gorgeous voice and looked the part in her red dress and lilac gloves! From one Jessica to another, you were drawn superbly. Not by me, I can’t draw!


However, I did get to excel when Ginger La Rouge took to the stage in her amazing costume. Even with a little musical hiccup (damn gremlins) her burlesque act was absolutely amazing and  her headdress was stunning.


And I got to not use my hands to draw. Now for real artists that might be a problem but for me it’s a gift because I’m very good with my mouth. *deadpan* I can get a really good grip on my pencil and really give it some. *coughs* It does make my jaw ache though.  Anyway, less of the innuendos and on to my work of art, what do you think?


Look, no hands! And the big surprise was….I actually won a prize! I thought it would never happen by my mouth drawing won me a Dr Sketchy’s Art Kit!



The art set is really very cool and my daughter is awfully jealous of me, though to be honest, she’s likely to use it more than me!



The night was finished off by a fabulous performance from Faye Feline as Mad Moxxi , a kick ass game character so I’m told. Well that’s what host with the most Jay said and I believe everything he says, obviously. Even though I didn’t really have a clue who Mad Moxxi was, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance!

drsketchykevmox Digital Art by Kev Blisse 

It was an amazing night and Family Blisse are kinda sad that we’ll be missing May’s Sketchy as we’ll be in Scarborough. But you shouldn’t miss it. It’s SPACE themed and I know it’s going to be awesome!