Good Friday today. I went to a concert last night where my sister and Mum were part of the choir taking place at my old church, it was wonderful to see old friends and the hugs and kisses were well received. The evening concentrated on Mary Magdelene and was sung beautifully, it was good and moving. Mary was caught in sin (Adultery) and Jesus saved her from being stoned by pointing out the sin of others with a story, a story about a man who forgave to debts, a small one and a large one. Which man would be more thankful? The man let off the largest debt. As a life-long sinner I am glad, so very glad that Jesus did what he did on the cross for me, taking that bad stuff on himself and relieve me of it so I can go to Heaven for that never-ending party of peace and joy.

This morning it’s church for a service which will no doubt make me cry. It’s such a sad, sad day. In days past, when on retreat, I remember the dark oppression of this day when all the crosses, symbols, paintings and signs of Jesus were removed or hidden from sight in the building and we mourned,re-enacting the day and remembering. It is a sad day, and I will feel heartbroken.

I know some of you will be confused to find this in the blog of an Erotica writer, but I do not apologise for posting it. My faith is a massive part of my life and this week is a very special time of year where I always feel particularly close to my God.