Go wild!

Do you need something to pep up the last few days of December? You do, well let me suggest to you the final chapter in the Rendezvous trilogy of books. Yep Wild Rendezvous is out now and it is well worth getting excited for!


WARNING! The rest of this blog contain spoilers about the very last book in this series, if you haven’t read Naughty and Sedctive Rendezvous yet I suggest you do so before reading on.

Okay, so Leanna and Joe are in love, really in love. They’ve worked out their differences and over come some pretty big obstacles already, like Joe’s workaholic nature and Leanna’s reluctance to let anyone get close to her daughter Lucy. Joe’s even survived meeting Leanna’s eccentric mum! But they are about to face the two biggest challenges to date.

Number 1 is A wedding Dress that is TOO SMALL!

Number 2 are you ready for it? Leanna certainly isn’t. It’s her Mother in Law.

‘She can’t be all that bad!’ I hear you cry, oh but you’ve not met her yet. Check this snippet out:

‘Hello, I’m home.’ I can hear muffled sounds from the living room and, after flinging my bag in a corner, I go to investigate. ‘She’s fine, mother. She’s just over a year old. Not being able to spell “cat” is not unusual for a one-year-old child.’ ‘Well, I am sure you could do it at her age, pumpkin, I was only a little worried that the child you’re taking on might be a little, how shall I put it? Developmentally challenged.’ ‘Hello, Joe, hello, Mrs Moore and Lucy. I’m home.’ ‘It’s Ms Simpson,’ she snaps. ‘You can call me Beverly because that’s my name.’

I realise I’ve made a boo-boo with her name so maybe I should be a little more circumspect but the tension in the room is palpable and Beverly is obviously the centre of it. I try really hard to smile sweetly and not to go and throttle the old lady perched on the edge of my sofa. She may have bright red lipstick on and a short, floaty summer dress but she is certainly not young. She reminds me of a lovely old lady I knew when I was a child. She was 70 and wore a bright red wig and make-up to match till the day she passed on. She was bonkers but harmless. Joe’s mum is clearly the former but I’m not convinced of the latter.

‘Ahh, so you’re Deanna.’ She stands up primly, brushes the skirt down her legs, and offers me her hand. ‘Yes, I am Leanna.’ I emphasise the “L” sound at the beginning of my name. ‘Nice to meet you.’ ‘Yes,’ she says and feebly takes my fingers and wiggles them up and down. ‘Of course.’ ‘Mama!’ Lucy greets me by enthusiastically throwing herself around my legs. ‘Hello sunbeam.’ I giggle. ‘Did you miss me?’ I pull her away from my legs and lift her into my arms. Her sticky fingers come up to my cheeks and stroke them. She giggles and I kiss her on her nose. She slobbers on mine in return.

‘You were a much cleaner baby,’ Joe’s mum mumbles a little louder than I believe she realises. ‘I was very careful of that.’ ‘Mother,’ he exclaims in a low, measured tone, ‘would you stop it?’ ‘What, pumpkin? I was just saying.’ ‘And stop calling me that.’ He’s at the end of his tether, I can tell. ‘Joe, love, tea smells lovely. Cinnamony, in fact,’ I spout, trying to alleviate some of the tension. ‘Tea? Oh no, dear, this is coffee, not that disgusting weak brew you Brits like.’ ‘Mother, she means the evening meal.’ He sighs. ‘Yes, we call our evening meal “tea” here in the north.’ ‘Oh, how very peculiar,’ she replies with something approaching a smile or it could have been a grimace. ‘I call it dinner.’

‘I made a pie.’ Joe decides to completely ignore his mother. ‘Lucy helped.’ ‘Yes, the poor urchin was covered in flour when I arrived.’ Joe’s mum butts in again. ‘Did you have fun baking?’ I speak directly to Lucy, who giggles and nods. ‘So we have apple pie for dessert and we’ve got chicken salad for tea. In fact, it just needs serving up.’

‘Brilliant.’ I smile. ‘You’re a star, Joe.’ I put Lucy on the floor. ‘OK, bub, show me the way to the food.’ She giggles, grabs my hand and pulls me over to the dining table. I try hard not to pick up on what Joe’s mum is mumbling about but she doesn’t seem to like the idea of people not hearing what she has to say. ‘Fancy not changing before dinner, how uncouth, and expecting the man to cook? Oh my, it’s ridiculous. What a terrible wife she’s going to make.’

I take a deep, calming breath. She’s of the older generation; she may be suffering a little culture shock or jet lag, maybe both. I’m willing to cut her a little slack.

See what I mean and she only gets worse? If you want to see if the wedding ever actually takes place then you need to pick up Wild Rendezvous today and finish off your collection!