Giving Pleasure Through Pain


Today’s offering is a continuation of the action that started in Torn to be made Whole but can be read as a stand alone if you want.


We laid together, heads opposite ends of the sofa, H’s leg running along the length of my body between mine. I was replete, basking in post ‘all the fucking orgasms’ glow. We smiled at each other and they moved their hand between their thighs. I could tell they were touching their cock. I wanted to as well but I couldn’t reach.

No matter how I stretched and strained, I couldn’t reach over their leg. They watched with great amusement for a while.

“Do you want my cock?” They asked in that sing-song tone of teasing I know so well.

“Uh huh,” I nodded, eagerly.

They captured my gaze, held me in place a little longer before moving and pushing me to the floor in front of them. I immediately strained my head forward and took their erection between my lips. I love how the feel of them is becoming more familiar, how from hesitant exploration I know ways to make them moan and buck harder up into my mouth.

They gathered my hair in their hands, clasping the back of my head, guiding me in my quest to give them pleasure. I wanted to give as much as I had received. When H moved their fingers to cup the back of my ears, I looked up, quizzically at them. When they do that, they’re usually about to push my pressure points and make me hurt. Were they really going to do that whilst I had their dick in my mouth?

I clenched in anticipation. But not my jaw or at least not very much.

That would have been very, very bad. I was super aware that I couldn’t close my mouth.

When they pressed in with their fingers, a lightning bolt of pain shot through me. I squeezed my eyes shut and I moaned, I loudly moaned with the pain of it because what else could I do?

When they pick on my pressure points when I’m in public the first thing I tend do is snap my jaw shut and clench my mouth tightly closed. I couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that with their cock lodged in my mouth.

So I moaned around them, managing the pain by letting it flow from me in noise.  I was held still, unable to move because of the pain and mouth full of cock so H moved, thrusting themselves into my mouth as the vibrations and hums of my desperate moans rolled around my lips and transferred through me to them.

I felt like I was held there for such a very long time. Pain streaking through me, consuming me, the only space for thought occupied by the urgency of keeping my mouth open and pleasuring H.

When they eased up on the magic spots at the back of my ears I looked up at them. I didn’t take my mouth from around their dick, didn’t want to, I was thoroughly enjoying the pain and giving head.

Their eyes shone with glee. Pure sadistic joy and lust and want. So much want. Just looking into their eyes turned me on, made me feel so good for bringing them such happiness. I think their fingers hovered over the same spots. I think they were probably checking I was okay before continuing. There are many ways to obtain consent, this pause was one of them and me staying still with my lips locked around their dick was definitely enthusiastic consent.

So they pressed down again.  And the piercing lightning bolt pinned me down AGAIN. My noises escalated. I had to make sound it was the only way to process and deal with the pain. Moans and whimpers and groans blended together as they fucked my face.

I let them use me. They had complete control. I surrendered to their needs and wants. I was nothing more than a vessel for their pleasure. And my pain was the conduit of that pleasure. I didn’t want it to stop whilst wanting it to stop, unsure when it would and how long I could continue.  Tight with arousal coursing through my veins as I connected so deeply with both my masochist and my submissive sides.

This time when they let me up for air they pulled their cock from my mouth and started to wank.  I licked my lips, clicked my jaw, watched them. Their tightened body, their gasping moans, the cadence of their movements told me they were close.

I watched intently. No longer held in position physically but viscerally. Unable to look away, unable to move because I wanted to be there. I wanted to see and feel the orgasm that was coming. I wanted them to come, needed them to come, ached for it, in fact.

Were they remembering the sound of my desperate moans of pain? The clasp of my mouth around them? I was.  As I watched them climb closer to climax I felt the satisfaction that I had been part of driving them to this brink, I felt a soul deep contentment at being the receptacle for their lust.

I saw the first spurts of their orgasm as they pulled my head forward and I took them back into my mouth eagerly swallowing and consuming their cum. Feeling it dribble onto my lips, smearing across my mouth as I pressed down to take more of them.

I love how they kiss me after coming. Every time they take a taste of their cum from my lips. Fuck, it’s so damn hot sharing that with them. I wonder why they always do it? It makes me feel good, like it’s a thank you for what I’ve done. Not that I need more than their orgasm as a thank you, but I think you know what I mean.

H pulled up off the floor they snuggled me into their arms.

Used and content I cuddled closer to them, a smile plastered on my face.

Cum slut, me?

Yeah, I think so.

Pain slut too, come to that.

Slut, basically.

And proud.



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