Getting Together & Victoria Blisse on TV.

I have good news, lots of it. Firstly, I have found a new home for the Getting Together Trilogy. All three books will be released from Xcite between now and the end of February.

Getting Physical is the first and that will be released On Monday! Here’s the lovely cover for it and the blurb!

physCurvaceous Terri hates going to the gym to exercise but she really loves the view of John’s hard, pumping thighs. John is always at the gym, working on his definition.

He thinks he’s lanky and scrawny and is convinced the sexy, curvy new girl will never look twice at him. A twist of fate brings them together but will they be able to get over their own insecurities and take advantage of the season of love?

It is Valentine’s Day after all.

Getting Intimate will follow on the 14th February and then the final book Getting Hitched will be available on the 28th February.

And now for the AMAZING news.

Getting Physical is going to feature on the Vanessa Show on Channel 5! On the Tuesday 1st February episode. So to here some excerpts from this Funny, Sexy Romance tune in at 11am on Tuesday!

I can’t beleieve my book is going to be on the telly!