Getting Ready!

I am pleased to announce that I have just finished the edits on Getting Intimate so it is all ready and polished up for it’s release on the 21st December and in celebration I am going to share a short snippet with you all.

My nerves were forgotten as she spoke and I replied. Her gentle touch, just brushing my shoulder, was enough to make my cock drool and my body tingle all over. When she commanded me to lay over her knee, my heart seized. I didn’t want to offer myself like that, my skinniness completely on show. But I complied and when my dick slipped between her warm, cushioned thighs, I had to stop myself rocking back and forth. I could easily have come there, warmed by her flesh.

I thought she was going to spank me as her hand lifted from stroking my appallingly skinny arse, but she didn’t. I began to relax, thinking she was scratching her nose or something, then her hand sped down and I felt the air move a split second before her hand made contact with my flesh. I gasped. It stung, but it felt so good. I felt myself shake with arousal and the urge to rock between her thighs became even stronger, but as she scolded me, I stayed still.

“There will be no talking to skinny, skanky gym women, young man! It’s not right. You will spend all your time fucking me, and when you’re not fucking me, you will be thinking about fucking me.”

All the time her hand rose and fell rhythmically on my buttocks and each collision sent hot pain through me and my cock responded by jumping between her thighs.

It surprised me how much I enjoyed the solid thwack of her hand against my arse. The harder she slapped the more I enjoyed it. I seemed to be a pain slut. I should have known that already; I was addicted to the gym and pushing myself just that little bit further, and that little bit more. The next day my muscles would ache like a bitch and though I’d complain, I really liked feeling that burn. The burn from her hand striking my flesh was much more pleasurable, though.

So now you know what to treat yourself to this Christmas (sorry for mentioning the C word so early, forgive me!) as Getting Intimate releases on the 21st December.

There are more treats to look forward to in the coming months and Getting Intimate is not the first of those treats! On the 6th November Xcite launches Seriously Sexy Stocking Filler and my story The Scent of Pine will feature within its pages. The young couple in my story are so desperate to have sex they fall upon each other the minute the in-laws are out of the door but as they make love on the sofa a visitor comes to the door an enjoys the show through the living room window.

And then on the 16th of November I star in another awesome anthology, this time from Total-E-Bound and it’s called Over The Moon

And my story is called Moon Shy . A reluctant werewolf called Lowell falls for a human named Jenny and is lusted after by a powerful, evil werewolf named Desdemona. It’s my first paranormal story and I’m very, very excited about it’s release. I can’t wait but I suppose I’ll just have to. Just like you will too!

And there’s more, with my erotic vampire story, The Point scheduled for April 2010 about Hugh who is who runs a vampire bar called ‘The Point’ where he and other vampires pay humans to drink their blood but when he meets a doctor named Elizabeth, things all become much more complicated.

So you have plenty of Blisse to look forward to but if you can’t last until then you can find all my Currently Available Books here on my website so you can fill in any gaps in your collection!

Now, I better get on with some writing so I will have more ‘coming soon’ posts to write in future!

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