Getting Physical On TV.

gpmOh, that title sounds rude, I like it! So did you see The Vanessa Show yesterday morning? Well if you didn’t you can now watch it on Youtube.

You want to watch it from about 22:30 to see the Getting Physical feature, watch and enjoyVanessa Feltz Reading Getting Physical.

If you’re not in the UK then you will need a UK proxy to see the footage, You can try Daveproxy as I’ve had reports of that working for no UK residents.

Now, it’s not the best reading of my work and it is a very small snippet too. So I decided to read my own excerpt from Getting Physical for you all to enjoy.

I hope that’s whetted your appetite for a bit of Getting Physical. You can pick it up at Xcite now and it’s sequel Getting Intimate is also available for download right now!

Getting Physical: Buy Now from Xcite – £1.99 Getting Intimate: Buy Now from Xcite – £1.99

Contest Time

Now, do you fancy a contest? I fancy a contest and let’s have it finish on Valentine’s Day!

Okay, so all you have to do is watch the above clip and answer this easy peasy question!

What did Terri say twice in the first 15 minutes? a, “My, what big pecs you’ve got.” b, “Hello, I’m here for a gym induction.” c, “Look at my Magnificent Breasts.”

Send your answer to me in an email entitled “Getting Physical contest” and send it too

victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (no spaces)

before 6am GMT on the 14th February to be put in a draw to win lots of Blisse goodies including a Getting Physical t-shirt, Restoration Stickers and bookmarks, signed Getting Physical postcard and some tasty yummy chocolate!