Getting on my Nerves

H gets on my nerves a lot. No, it’s not the constant punning (I really do enjoy that) or how I repeatedly hear the material for their stand up (again, I like it. They’re funny and I’m being useful.) and it’s not even the way they gently mock me when I say something a bit silly.

No, it’s far more literal than that.  They literally get on my nerves. Every time I see them. From the first time we got together to play and they started to find the right buttons to press they have gotten on my nerves. Have you worked out I’m talking about pressure points yet? Well, I am.

So, to explain. Pressure points are where nerves are closer to the surface, the soft spots near joints, that are very susceptible to pressure. They are talked about a lot in rope circles because you don’t want to be laying rope and knots across them, that’s bad. However, you can prod and poke these spots, causing pain, in a relatively safe way if you know how.

And holy cow does H know how.

It amazes me every time how a prod with just one finger can hurt so bloody much. Sometimes it’s not even a finger, it’s a toe or their chin.  Yeah. Aren’t they so damn mean?

“Oops, slippy fingers.” Is H’s most used excuse. I’m afraid I’m not buying that they’re just clumsy. Especially as they hit the same spots. Every. Damn. Time.

I’ll share some of their favourites with you.

Behind my Ears

I think this one they found the most delight in first.  It’s such a piercing pain that used to make me grit my teeth and scrunch up my eyes but after H pushed those pressure points whilst I was giving them a blow job, my reaction tends more to letting my jaw hang loose. This is one they take advantage of in public, because it genuinely looks like they’re lovingly cupping my face and smiling adoringly at me. Only we know why that grin is plastered across their face and that my responding grin is in fact a grimace.

Middle of my Chest

This one takes my breath away. Every time. I always have a deeply visceral response to this one. It is one most likely to prompt a paingasm. I especially love when they dig their chin in when they’re resting between my breasts. I rock my hips up in response and moan quite pornographically.

Sides of my forehead

I HATE this one. It feels like a very pointed, stabby headache. It makes me frown and growl and whine. They only discovered this one recently and I kinda wish they hadn’t. Because they love my reaction to it, so they do it all the time.  I hate it. I really hate it. But not so much to say no to it. Because, I’m fucking weird, clearly and even annoying pain turns me on.


Now, I never know if H is grabbing my hand to hold it tenderly or if they’re going to dig fingers into my joints and make me yelp. They like to move from each finger, digging into each pressure point, to hear the way my squeals change. They like to move my hands around with this technique too. They dig a finger into the base of my thumb and twist my arm round to wherever they want it.  This is another one H can do in public. Trying not to squeal is challenging.  Also arousing.



There is a spot on the side of my rib cage where if H presses hard, I giggle. Every time. It hurts so fucking much but it also tickles so I giggle and giggle and giggle.  Tickle me Elmo has nothing on me. I just need one well-placed finger to the ribs and I’m laughing until H lets up.


I love how much pain they can cause me so easily with just their fingers. They can leave me a panting, wet, wanting mess with just the use of one finger. Nowhere near the more expected hot spots either.  They can do it when I’m clothed or naked, when we’re at home or out and about. They can switch from loving and tender touches to evil pokes at any moment and I love when they catch me unawares.

Yes, H gets on my nerves but I’d have it no other way.

They finger me so good.