The Masturbation Monday prompt for this week is my picture, which is awesome. I couldn’t think of anything directly connected to that photo to write about but there is a connection, Ric, who mentions heavily in this writing was one of the meanies at my birthday party too :) 

Getting Lucky 


There are moments when I can hardly believe my luck. Sunday was filled with such moments.

The first was when I saw Ric (whom I had play plans with, yay) walking over all hot as hell and encased in shininess. I was, and not for the first time, amazed that such a handsome human was happy to play with me. I think this about everyone I play with, it’s a self-esteem thing, I know, I’m working on that.

We sat chatting for a while. One thing I enjoy with all my play partner’s is the ease we can sit and chat about, well, anything. With Ric, I especially love how similarly we think, and how he seduces me with food porn.

*thinks about cheeseburgers for a while*

Where was I? Oh yes, conversation. It’s nice to have that time to connect before play sometimes.  What was I talking about? Oh yeah, being lucky.

Heading to the dungeon I definitely felt like I was the luckiest gal in the place.

Now Ric’s lovely partner Maenad was herself playing, so we arranged to set up in the same corner of the dungeon so they could share kit.  I ended up on the spanking bench, for the first time in ages and after a lil’ pre-negotiation (basically me saying to Ric he knows what I like and I’d say no if I didn’t like something) the beating commenced.

Well, actually, there were stroke, scritches, scratches and massages first which is a wonderful way to get me all relaxed and pliable before the hitting commences. Hand first, gentle and harder until I was moaning from the impact.

I don’t remember precisely the order of implements, I was a (pleasantly) broken woman for a good part of the session, but I know they were mean and plenty. It wasn’t long before I was squeaking and yelping at the impacts. From slappy to stingy to thuddy.

I remember the surprisingly light but evil little paddle that delivered a far bigger sensation than it was entitled to, really and the conversation around it. That’s something I love about playing with multiple people around, crossovers in conversation and play. I think I enjoy it because my first play session was like that, so it makes me feel safe and secure.

There were some particularly evil cane swipes. I think they maybe were more evil because I might have been a wee bit bratty.

See, Ric brought out the ‘friendly’ cane I met last time we played. I seem to remember saying it worried me when he said things were friendly because I knew they’d hurt.

So he hit me once. The bloom of pain familiar and ouchy.

“See, that’s friendly.” He said.

The cane swooshed and hit harder. I yelped.

“And that’s mean. See the difference?”

“Okay, yeah, yeah I see the difference.”  Mean was most definitely meaner.

I was still feeling the mean strike develop, how do canes do that? Hurt more after they’ve left your flesh? It’s a mystery. Bastard things.

Anyway, another strike came in across the top of my thighs that made me shoot up and exclaim loudly:

“And that’s fucking evil!”

Which made everyone laugh, including me.

“And you made me swear, I rarely swear when I’m beaten.” I whined.

I think this was the point I made his tummy ache from giggling so much. I’m glad my pain is so entertaining. I love how he giggles. Then gets right back to being mean. It’s adorable. I adore having an adorable top to play with! That in itself adds to the brain-breaking tendencies of playing with Ric.

Mind fuck. He’s so good at that. From the use of two implements at the same time (side by side or on top of each other) to the sneak attack.

I was coping with a stingy cane or cane like impact, I was into the rhythm, ready for what would come next.

Except I wasn’t.

He hit me hard with something thuddy and I squealed very loudly and then laughed.

“You surprised me then!” I gasped, as he stroked my back.

“Good, I was meant too.”

I can’t remember if it was then or later that I told him he broke my brain. He is hard to predict. I don’t know If I’ll be hit, stroked, tickled or massaged and somehow that stops my thinking brain from thinking reaaaaaaallllly quickly.

One particular brain break I thoroughly enjoyed was when he ran his hands into my hair (I wore it down for a change) and started to massage my head. It was wonderful, relaxing and intimate as I could feel his body leaning over me and I just floated away on the sensation of his strong fingers against my skull and entwining in my hair.

Then he pulled my hair (well most of it, there’s a lot) into a ponytail in his fist and pulled my head back. Instant submission. Then his other hand spanked me hard and I just melted. Rawr.

There were many moments I contemplated my luck throughout the scene. That was certainly one of them.

Another was when Maenad (who’s scene was ended and was in aftercare mode) fed me a couple of white chocolate buttons. That sugar boost was perfectly timed but I didn’t even know I needed it. It’s good to be cared for by friends.

Of course, there were also moments I cursed Ric, at least mentally.  I hate to wait during a beating. In every day life I’ll queue with the best of British, patiently and even if I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. Being beaten, when there’s a wait between strikes, I’m on high alert. My nerves strain and I feel like I’m being pulled apart.


So, Ric used this a few times, the worst being when I heard the distinct swish of the cane and it didn’t hit me! Now that, dear people, that is mean. The meanest of all means.

It was like he was toying with me. Heh. Although I did get hits eventually, so I got over it. But damn, I hate hearing hitty things and not being hit by them!

I don’t know if all the words in the world could do justice to the fun I had, it was simply a joyful experience. I was a little disappointed when it came to an end, but then I got to snuggle with Ric and, well, that’s a delight in itself. Half-naked (for movement purposes not just for me to perv over I’m sure), his warm flesh against mine was just wonderfully calming. His hard lines against my softness felt good, felt right and proper. I felt safe, cherished even.

We discussed seriousness. I can’t remember who stated it first, but we all agreed we were happy to be in the non-serious, giggly corner together because although some shit needs taken seriously (consent and safety) they rest well, it’s fun!

Somehow Batman came into play, since he is always so serious.

“I think I might lose my shit if after every impact you just said ‘I’m batman.’”

This provoked hoots of laughter.

“Even better if you are using the cricket bat.”

He told me he’d squirrel that away for future use. Oh God, what have I let myself in for?

The scene came to a close, much more laughter echoed round as we tidied up.  We went back up to the social area and I sat between my husband and Ric, chatting away, snuggled on both sides.

Another moment I contemplated my luck.

Then when I ended up in a cuddle puddle with like a dozen friends, I was just so content. It made me grin, as we lay, snuggled together, giggling and chatting casually or lying in silence.I smiled to myself as I thought  about how damned debauched we’re meant to be. Dirty, kinky people just sex crazed. And we, a mixed group of kinksters and pervy types just lay in a pile and snuggled for ages. DaddyCuddlyBear especially gives good snuggle and I got pretty much the full force of it.  Yep, you guessed it, lucky me.

The day ended in the hot tub. I was actually feeling cold so I sat on the edge and put my legs in. It’s usually too hot for me, and I couldn’t have fully immersed myself, but it was nice, warming my feet and legs through.

The hot tub was pretty packed when I arrived and soon after virtually everyone in the club was in that hot tub too. It was great. Especially as I ended up with Ric snuggled up to my leg. I got to run my hand through his hair and tickle his neck and have him nuzzle closer in response. Wonderful.

Then a lot of biting occurred in my general vicinity but not including me. My hubby had acquired a bruise on one shoulder and asked Maenad to balance him out. Which she eagerly did.

“I have bite envy!” I cried and was pleasantly surprised when Ric turned his head and buried his teeth into thigh, pausing only to get a better grip and dig his teeth deeper. I revelled in the feeling of tightening pressure, grazing teeth and bruising flesh.

I sighed happily when he released me.

“I guessed that meant ‘please’.” He smiled.

“It did!” I grinned back.

And once again contemplated my luck.

Can I get any more lucky?

Well, I can only hope!

My prized bite bruise <3