What the dickens is Professor Scribblicious you cry! Well, it’s a great combination of amazing entertainment and writing. It can be a very so very isolating, sitting at home and scribbling down your pearls of wisdom. Professor Scribblicious gets you out of the house and inspires you.

At the last one I started off the proceedings with my fruity workshop. Now I promise I was trying to do something that wasn’t totally smutty. I picked, what I thought, was a neutral way to talk about using all your senses in your writing. The incarnation of it I presented at Smut Luton involved spanky implements so I evolved it into something totally neutral.

I got everyone to pick a fruit and sit with their other fruit mates. We had clementines, strawberries and cherries. We then went through the senses one by one and took notes. At the end everyone wrote a paragraph about their fruit. You would not believe the amount of sexy stuff that was written! Clearly I inspire the smut.

After my workshop to get the creative juices (I can’t resist a pun, sorry!) going we had an interesting sound experience.  Chris  Thorn played his didgeridoo. Yes folks, you read that right and it was a really ethereal experience. Afterwards we were asked to write down what we saw/felt/experienced as we listened.

This is what I wrote:

Dark, Cool, Peaceful.

Water echoes, tinkles, rushes as I float through the dark stones,

Lightening, flickering gold as the boat bursts out into daylight.

Sun warms my skin,

I close my eyes and absorb it’s energy.

Acclimatising to the outside from the chilly depths of the cave.


-Blink- Blue Sky


-Blink- Green Leaves


-Blink- Brown Bark


The forest spreads out around me,

Soft blanket of green

Sways, shuffles, sings

A mellow lullaby of slow, purposeful life.


Crackling calls, twitters and caws

Song birds proclaim their joy and fly high

Above me,

Playing a youthful game of chase

Their calls like laughter on a school playground.


Bumping up onto bank

I step out, water around ankles

Tingling, cooling, revitalizing.

Pebbles shift, spread and roll with each step

I splash and paddle

Laughing as droplets rebound off my face.


Onto grass,

Cool coils of summer wrapping around ankles

Swishing like a ball gown.

I lie, starfish, to dry

The water evaporating off my skin

Dandelion clock hair and sodden dress spread wide

Sun bright against closed lids.

Warming, suffusing energy.

Positivity filling each pore.


Content to be.

And we ended on something *completely* different. Stella O Drive gave us an amazing burlesque as a peacock. It’s as bright and colourful as it sounds with an amazing ending you’ve got to see to believe!


It was an amazing, inspirational evening of entertainment and writing -the perfect combination.


The next Professor Scribblicious  is on the 13th August, 6pm at Chapter One Books in the centre of Manchester. It’ll be amazing, check out the facebook event and grab your tickets now.