I made a visit to my local Sexual health/family planing clinic today. I’m not going to go into details, you don’t need them but this was just a check up and everything was fine.

It struck me though how a few minutes can make a difference. I know ladies (and I guess gents) it’s no fun to go show your private bits and pieces to a virtual stranger but they’ve seen it all before and it’s important to make sure everything is as it’s should be. So don’t put it off, alright? Your sexual health is an important part of you so don’t ignore it, alright?

There you go, that was a Blisse Public Service Announcement!

Now then, my own Blisse Sexual health check can be found below in the form of a scorching hot excerpt from Artistic Sights, Heavenly Delights!

“Kid? Is that what you see me as?”

“Well,” she stuttered, genuinely afraid she’d upset him, “I know there’s not much difference in our age it’s just you seem to lack experience that’s all.”

“Lack experience? I’ll show you how experienced I am,” he puffed and grabbed her by the arm, “was the kiss I gave you just now inexperienced?”

“I don’t know-I just thought-I wasn’t thinking.” Hermione wasn’t sure if he was genuinely pissed off or if he was just messing around with her. Her heart pounded either way as his strong grip on her arm excited her.

“No, you weren’t,” he pulled her over to the overturned tree, “and now, young lady, you’ll pay for your insolence.”

He pushed her down on top of the rough bark and held her there. She didn’t struggle, she was too surprised at finding herself with her arse in the air to move.

“It’s all just a bit of fun,” he whispered as he leaned over her, “if it gets too much just shout ‘paint brush’ and I’ll stop, alright?”

She nodded. She wasn’t exactly sure where all this was leading but she was tingling all over with anticipation and she really wanted to find out.

“This skirt is much thicker than my trousers,” he said, then caught the hem of it in his fingers, “you’d not feel a spanking through it.” He flicked his wrist and pulled the material up and over Hermione’s back, exposing her cloud white knickers to the warm spring air.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, her cheeks flushed and her heart continued to pound like a bailiff’s knock on the door.

“Just giving you what you deserve, madam,” he replied.

“A good spanking.” He raised his free hand, one was laid on her back holding her dress up and holding Hermione down at the same time.

“No,” she yelped, “I didn’t say you could do-” but her rant was cut off by the loud crack of his hand connecting with her milky flesh.

“That’s for calling me a kid,” he said then raised his hand again, “I am not inexperienced simply because I am wealthy, right?” he slapped down again and she yelped with the impact. Philip got harder, Hermione felt his cock as it strained within his jeans.

“I asked you a question,” he growled and spanked her again, “answer me when I speak to you.”

“Sorry, no, no, you’re not.” She stuttered her reply.

“No I am not, what?” again he struck her bottom so hard it wobbled. “Sir, no you’re not inexperienced, Sir.”

“That’s better,” he smiled and stroked his hand over her bum.

Hermione had been outraged by the first spank, then frightened by the second but as his hand raised and fell her emotions changed. She realized she looked forward to each spank and that the pain that had flared in her arse at first had mellowed into pleasure and she wanted more.

As his hand fell she would raise up on her toes to encourage his spanks. She was sure he could see her do this and didn’t care. She wanted him to know she was desperate for it. She’d never been spanked before and was quite surprised by her love of it. She was a strong woman generally, when you’re a single mother at twenty with no family to help you have to be fiercely independent and she would always have the upper hand in any dealings she had. But now she thoroughly enjoyed being on the receiving end of his upper hand as it slammed down against her flesh. It seemed somehow to be freeing.

If you’re now feeling a little hot under the collar you’re perfectly healthy!