Get a Bit of Blisse.

Did you know you can pick up a bit of Blisse in many, many different places.

The best place to start is generally the publisher’s websites themselves. I have an author page at Xcite and Total-E-Bound you will often see great deals on my books.

However, I do know that if you have a particular device you might want to pick me up from the websites associated with it. Did you know you can get Blisse at,,,,, and Well you can!


I told you I got around. But that’s not it. Got a nook? Get Blisse at Barnes and Noble.

Are you all about your apple? Then Check out iTunes!

Come ‘ere, there’s more (Bonus brownie points to anyone who knows who said that!) you can also pick up your favourite Blisse books at All Romance eBooks and Fictionwise.

Blisseful, eh?

And once you’ve read your bit of Blisse I would be forever grateful for your likes and your reviews. It’s what keeps us authors writing! We love to hear from our readers.