Genesis of a Dominant Man – Five Minutes in Event City @sexhibition


This year seems to be rushing by I remember a conversation a few months back about an event the Smut.UK folk had managed to bag in August. And hey presto it’s almost upon us, I am of course talking about Sexhibition in Manchester.

The event to end all events if you enjoy the kinkier aspects of life or just appreciate the subtle pleasures. In my case it’s a bit of both and also the chance to meet so many of the lovely people who make up the modelling industry Cervena Fox, Zara DuRose and Uorin Vex to name three who I’m excited to meet. But of course a major highlight will be getting on stage as the administrator and officiant of the erotica author punishment. Punishment will be administered if the author reading their own works on stage goes over five minutes, now do I use my studded paddle or riding crop….decisions, decisions.

Victoria asked rather politely if I would do the honours and what Dom could refuse that offer? So much to see and do at this event on the 22nd August I hope I don’t get too distracted. But of course I will be at the Smut.UK/Brit Babes stall for most of the day so pop by and say hello and feel free to ask any questions.


I believe Victoria will be keeping me very busy or will have me walking round meeting and greeting. So come along wear your finest or sexiest outfit and see this year’s Sexhibition you’d be a fool to miss it.

Are you attending? If so I’ll be sure to say hello and direct you to the attractions that have caught my eye.


A note from Victoria to authors: smutverts

If you’re going to be at Sexhibition we have advertising and promo ops available for you.

If you can’t make it, never fear, you can get your promotion out to 8K plus people too.

Just check out the Smut.UK Sexhibition promotions including book stacks, smutverts, goodie bag stuffing and more.

So Visiting Author or Advertising from afar, we’ve got you covered!