Genesis of a Dominant Man – A Little Kink with Spice



With a relationship cemented and the dreaded I love you moment out of the way sub 4 and I, who for this part I will refer to as Red started to explore more.

On one such occasion we had decided to pop away to the Yorkshire dales and stay in a B&B in Clapham. The surroundings however quaint and innocent didn’t really lend themselves well to the vixen and her master.

Being adventurous we decided to go for a hike but before setting off Red leaned forward and whispered,
‘I thought it would please sir to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.’

That in itself sets a man and some women’s hearts racing with want and desire, the cheeky red head in front of me knew exactly how her master’s mind worked.

Setting off up into the heavily wooded area around Clapham we’d passed the workers tunnels when I seized the opportunity and directed her into the trees off the path. Forcing Red against a tree I held her hands up above her head as we kissed and I caressed rather forcibly her amazing body. Our tongues probed each other as my hand ran up her leg and up the dress she’d chosen to wear today finding the wet warmth of her sweet pussy, she hadn’t been lying no fabric bar the dress had covered this lovely area of her body.

Undoing my belt I selected a tree that suited my purpose leading Red to it I pulled her arms around it and pushed her wrists together so they met and then using the belt tied her in place. Admiring my handiwork I lifted her dress up and ran my fingers over her now rather pronounced clit feeling her quiver at my touch with pleasure. This was soon replaced with a harsh spank on her right cheek.

‘Now you’ve been very cheeky Red teasing me so badly this whole morning. What am I going to do with you?’
This was a rhetorical question I spanked her 10 more times her ass now a nice colour that almost matched her hair. Sliding my pants and boxers down enough to release my now rather hard cock I moved forward and teased her tight hole with the tip. The noises that Red made a mixture of oos and mmmms were an incentive enough to slide me member inside.

At the moment I slid in and started to gain my rhythm and momentum we both heard footsteps. Hikers were coming up the path we were just out of sight but not out of ear shot.


‘Don’t make a sound or come till I tell you!’ I whispered in Red’s ear.

I started to really fuck her hard. Red bit her lip and strained against the tree that restrained her. My hands ran free groping and enjoying her body as my hips rocked back and forth delivering pleasure to both of us. The hikers passed by but, obviously admiring a scenic view, they were taking their time in doing so, I too was admiring a beautiful view my significant other barely containing her orgasm and noises of pleasure.

When they’d passed a little further down the path, I leant forward my dick slamming deep and true,

‘You may come now.’

Red’s legs buckled as she lapsed into her orgasm she swore at the top of her voice,

‘Oh my god Fuck!!!’

My arms held her up as wave upon wave of pleasure crashed over her.

I’m sure the hikers had heard but they didn’t head back, unlashing her the tree she turned dropped to her knees and showed her appreciation the way she knew her master liked.

Needless to say my orgasm wasn’t silent nor was controlled, in fact if not for the tree next to me I may have collapsed too.

This holiday became to us the danger kink holiday and one we would replicate elsewhere to great effect. I would advocate this kind of holiday to any person kinkster or vanilla it’s a joy to do.