On Saturday the Family Blisse headed over to Bangkok Bar with brand new sketch pads (and a tablet, the hubs was going digital) and sharpened pencils ready for our first experience of Dr Sketchy.  Saturday’s event was held in aid of I Cosplay, a brilliant anti bullying campaign that encourages people to embrace their fabulous selves and to empower others not pull them down. And they do it in costume. Yep, they’re real life super heroes. Including the awesome toothless, who can do anything a spider can!



So there were loads of brilliantly costumed folks for us to sketch. We started with Tank Girl and I tried to draw. I’ve not really done it in years, though back in school I loved art though I think I got a disappointing ‘D’ in my GCSE.

Anyway, the sketching was fun. Absorbing and relaxing at the same time. It wasn’t all just copying down exactly what we saw. Sometimes we had challenges. Like drawing Darth Talon without using our hands.


Thanks to Dave Roberts for the use of the above awesome photo!

I used my mouth. I don’t think I did half bad. Apparently I’m pretty damn skilled with my mouth!


With my hand? Well, that’s a different kettle of fish. My daughter managed to make everything she drew into super cuteness. Like her awesome Legolas!



However, she spent most of the day laughing at my awful drawings. Though part way through drawing our Star Wars helmeted dude (forgive me, I’m not particularly well versed in such things) we both dissolved into an absolute giggle fit.  Mine looked like a very angry tiger, hers like a cartoon frog. We couldn’t draw for laughing!

And laughter was definitely a theme of the day, with the naughty cosplayers doing their up most to distract the others as they posed.  Obi Wan was distracted very effectively by Mama Jawa, who was into everything. Even my green zombie finger eraser!



One of my favourite drawings of the day was of the rather fabulous Snape. The second time we drew him we were asked by the wonderful compere Jay JW to add in a little something from our imagination that Snape would have magicked up! So obviously, I drew…


A teddy bear. Awww, even Snape needs something to cuddle up to in the middle of the night!

I was very pleased with my drawing of the mischievous Mama Jawa, I took a long time adding lots of details and I felt like I’d relaxed a bit by this point and was actually kinda finding my artistic groove.


My daughter told me she looked demonic! So to appease her, in the second sitting I made her happier with a tried and tested method.


We didn’t have time to stay ’til the end as we had a murder to solve at church (The chilli thriller at St Agnes, Reddish which was a wonderful night!) but I am thrilled that we stayed long enough to watch the stunning Bea Noir and her fire performance as Phoenix. Wow. Just very wow!



In conclusion, Dr Sketchy’s was very cool. I Cosplay is ultra cool and the family Blisse had a fantastic time. I would recommend Sketchy’s to anyone. You don’t have to draw. You can use digital media like my clever husband to make your mark.



We can’t wait for the next event which is Animal Instincts on the 19th March. I’ve heard there will be monkeys!