New BDSM Release – Fulfill me!

I am really excited to announce this new release! As it is my very first novel! Now yes, Tempting Rendezvous is a novel but I wrote it as three novellas that combine together to make a novel. Fulfill Me is my very first Novel written and intended that way!


Another reason I’m so thrilled to announce this particular release is that I actually wrote the majority of it way back in 2005 as a NaNoWriMo project. I got it to 50k and forgot about it until earlier this year when I brushed it off and read it through. I found it completely compelling which I thought was a good sign so I set about editing it, I am pleased to report my writing has vastly improved since then! I also added some words, took away some and got the whole thing up to 57 Thousand words! I actually had left the story unfinished and never left myself a note to tell myself how I was going to end it. So I had to make it up, that was a challenge!

So now I’ve built it up so much i guess I best introduce you to my novel, Fulfill Me.

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobsons Digs the biggest soap on TV. She will do anything to get into his life but one thing, one person always stops her. His annoying yet handsome PA Mike.

But there is more to Nick and to Mike than she could ever have first imagined. She ends up on a journey from one side of BDSM to the complete opposite and all the time she’s just looking for the man who can make her whole.


And now an excerpt to whet the appetite! As the title implies, Caitlyn switches from one side of BDSM to the other. This is when she is experimenting with femdom. Tomorrow I will pick a tasty snog from when she’s being submissive.

“Oh fuck, oh Mistress, oh yes!” His cries reverberate through the room, and I wonder what my neighbours will think. I know for a fact, these walls are not very thick. My lips are teasing his cock again, this time, a leather, studded ring is securely fastened around his cock and balls, keeping him from filling my mouth with cum too quickly.

I can’t dilly-dally long, this is a lunchtime fuck and Nick has to be back at the studio in twenty minutes. I love sucking him, he feels so good in my mouth. His cock, tastes sweet and salty, the texture is beautiful, and it responds to my licks and kisses so boldly. I’m just lavishing a few more licks, before impaling myself upon him, when a knock echoes through the flat.

“Ignore it.” I hiss and pull open the stud holding his cock in place, releasing the leather strap into my hand. I see him bite his lip, the release of pleasure pushing him close to the edge of climax.

“I know you two are in there, stop fucking about.”

I hold in a titter, wondering if he knew just how we were fucking about. I climb onto Nick’s cock, even though he waves his hands frantically. I shake my head and slide my cunt onto him. He’s mine.

“Are you listening to me? You need to be back at the studio now. Fuck! You can’t run off every time a pretty girl catches your eye.”

I know I’ve caught more than his eye. I slowly move up and down his erection, squeezing my internal muscles around him.

“Come on, hurry up! I’m going to stand here till you let me in.”

I pump up and down at a leisurely pace. I can see the confusion on Nick’s face, his body is responding to the pleasure building in in his balls and along his prick, but his mind struggles with the demands of his stage-mummy.

“Nick,” Mike growls, “Come on man, shit, nobody is irreplaceable!”

Nick looks up at me with pure fear in his eyes. I shake my head and scowl then yank myself off his cock and stomp into the bedroom, slamming the door behind me.

Fucker. Damned career, dammed PA. Is he not even allowed an hour for his lunch? I brood in my room, and wait until the door shuts before yelling and screaming and punching my pillow.

“Hi Nick,” I ring his home phone, getting the answering machine. “I’m not going to be in tonight, I’ll have to work late at the office. Bye.”

Ha, take that, fucker. I’m the one in control here, and I’ll sit by myself with a TV dinner, rather than let you get away without a big, impressive apology.

“I know you’re there.” Nick thuds on the door at nine pm and I studiously ignore him.

“Caitlyn, I’m sorry. I feel perfectly awful. Please let me, in. Let me apologise.”

I’m not going to let him in that easily, amateur. I’ll keep eating the expensive chocolate ice cream straight from the tub.

“Caitlyn. I’m so sorry, I know it was selfish of me, I can be like that sometimes. I’m kinda scared about losing my job, I love it so much and well, Mike scares me.”

I suppress a giggle. Scared of Mike? What! He’s a streak of piss, as my father would have said. A damn ant wouldn’t be afraid of him.

“Mistress,” his voice is lower, more strained this time. “I’ve been naughty. Please punish me. I need your expert correction. Please Mistress, I beg of you.”

Right, bastard, if you want punishment, you’ll get it.

“Come in!” I open the door and pull him inside.

“Caitlyn I—”

“Mistress to you. Strip and kneel, you know the drill. I’m going to change, I’ll be out when I am ready to administer your punishment.”

I twirl round and stalk to my bedroom. I know he’s watching my bottom sway as I go, noting the rigidness in my back. I wonder if he’ll still be in the living room when I walk back in there.

I dress again in my mistress basque and leather skirt. I’ve got some new spiky heeled shoes that are kinky, sexy and don’t take forever to lace as there’s no laces. Just shiny black patent leather. I grab up my newly purchased bag of goodies and stride back out to see if he’s stayed.

Well, he’s got more gumption than I credited him with, he’s kneeling, naked, in front of the sofa waiting for me, his head bowed and yes, I can see he’s nibbling on his bottom lip. He must be nervous. Good.

“Stand up.” He stands in front of me, and I loop the leather, studded cock ring around his slightly excited member and balls. “Now position yourself over the arm of the sofa.”

We’ll start out with something familiar I think. I place the case in front of him and rummage through it’s contents for a while. I pull out the odd item, then replace it. Lube, a ruler, a small pink vibrator, a huge black dildo that almost makes my eyes water. I wonder what’s going through his mind?

“Ah ha!” I pull out the paddle, it looks just like a little ping pong bat, and I like the way it feels in my hand.

“Mistress is very disappointed in you. When you are with me, slave, I should be your highest priority.” I slap down the paddle on his arse, hard. I mean business. “And you didn’t do that. You humiliated me instead. I will not stand for that, slave.”

I slap his bottom again, and again and once more, hard and fast, knowing it stings as the red marks spring up on his butt cheeks. “If you are mine, slave, you are mine and I am your top priority.” Another three stinging whacks rain down on his warmed pink cheeks.

“And if you can’t deal with that, get up now, get dressed and never, ever, ever come back.” I walk to the side of him and yank up his head with his hair and look deep into his eyes. “Do you want to leave your Mistress, slave?”

He hesitates for less than a split second and replies. “No, Mistress.”

My heart thumps with relieved pleasure. He’s addicted to me now, he needs me. What a rush. Nick Casey is my slave after all the time I was enslaved to my obsession. “Right, well I hope you will learn your lesson today, only what I want matters. You hear me, slave? Who matters?”

“Only you, Mistress.”

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