The sound of the running water soothes my poor battered mind and soul, as slowly I remove the layers of dirtied and torn clothing that cover my body. The sweet, sharp relaxing scent of lavender hits my nostrils as I watch my husband pour in a large measure of my favourite bubble bath, swirling it into the water, making it foam profusely.

“Your bath’s ready now sweetheart. ” my husband calls over his shoulder, “I’ve added some bubbles for you.” His voice is soft and soothing, as warm as the steam rising from the bath and as reassuring as the smell of lavender steam and bubbles.

Gently I ease my aching body into the water, wincing slightly as I settle down, My sore ass hitting the cold enamel of the bath bottom, the water swirling and settling around me, the bubbles moulding to my frame, popping and fizzing against my skin. “Here darling, let me help. ” my husband leans over the tub, his blue shirt sleeves rolled up over his elbows, he reaches for the wash cloth, smiling down at me, his bright blue eyes full of emotion. I manage a weak smile back, but the horror of this evenings ordeal is still imprinted and clear to see in the depths of my dark green, tear filled eyes.

Gently he applies soap to the cloth then presses it against the skin of my arm, washing away the dirt. Gently he works over my far arm and shoulder, leaning over me to reach, I catch a hint of his aftershave, and a sharp image comes back to my mind but I suppress it, not wanting to think about that now, just wanting to enjoy a restful bath. His hand guides the soft cloth up my neck and onto my face, ever so gently he cleans me, careful not to press to hard. I watch him as he moves down to my other arm, his face a picture of love and concern. Moving across onto my chest, he continues down, I bite my lip as he touches my breasts, his touch as always sending electric pulses through my body. He continues down over my stomach, covering every inch of me.

“Stand up for me darling, It’ll be easier for me to do your legs.” He smiles at me as I stand, letting me hold onto his strong muscled arm for balance. I feel a bit chilly as my body emerges from the bubbly safety of the water. Involuntarily I feel a shiver cascade down my body.

“I’ll be quick sweetheart, and then we can get you wrapped up and into bed”

His strong hands wash and wipe my legs and gently, lingeringly caress the soft rounded curves of my bottom. And the insides of my thighs, my legs going weak as I feel a streak of pure lust run through me.

“Come on sweetheart; let’s get you dried off before you catch your death of cold.”

I step out of the water and feel my husbands arms gently envelop me with a warm, soft towel, his hands work quickly to rub and dry every part of me. The stimulation of the deep material makes my nipples strain and my body pulse.

“Here sweetheart put this on and then we ’ll go to bed. ”

He passes me my black satin nightdress, I slip it over my head and let the soft satin folds flow over my chest, tummy and thighs, smoothing it down over my hips.

I jump into my bed, warm, comforting and safe. I snuggle down under the blankets and I wait. Soon the door swings open, my heart jumps, but it is only my sweetheart, dressed only in his boxers, ready for bed. I look adoringly at his body, his long muscled legs, his strong protective arms and his warm comforting chest. He is magnificent. A tear slowly falls down my cheek.

I smile weakly as he strides over, throwing up the duvet and diving in, pressing up close to me as he covers himself with the duvet.

Held close and content in his arms I rest my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

“What happened this evening love? ” He whispered “please tell me. ”

I inhale deeply feeling the warmth of him, knowing I am comfortable and safe.

“Well I was late out of work, ” I began my tale, “and I foolishly decided to take the short cut home, you know I don ’t like walking down those country lanes when its dark but I couldn ’t bear the thought of having to walk all that extra way to keep to the main roads. I know it was stupid, I didn ’t feel safe as I was walking. ”

I felt my husband ’s hand stroke my arm soothingly, not uttering a word, just listening.

“As I was walking I sensed someone behind me. As I strained my ears I could hear someone ’s footfalls not far behind me. I sped up, not abruptly but steadily, getting faster and faster, hoping to get to the light of the main road only a few hundred yards away. The footfalls got faster and heavier in speed with my own, I could hear the “clip-clop ” of my heels and the heavier bump of a more sensible shoe behind me. I became super-aware of things around me, the chill in the air, the smell of fresh cut grass, the faint noise of cars on the main road and the thump of my own heart deafening me. ”

My husband pulls me closer, his hand resting on my back, gently rubbing to soothe me. My heart is thumping rapidly again and I shiver under my husband ’s kind touch

“I began to run then, it wasn ’t far to go, this person wouldn ’t follow me down a main road, wouldn ’t touch me in the light of a busy street. I ran and I ran, I could hear the person behind me could here him panting. I could tell it was a man. I was distracted momentarily by realising how close my pursuer was to me and that was my downfall, quite literally! I fell over my own feet, twisting my ankle as I fell, a sharp pain shooting through me. I soon forgot that as I felt a pair of hands grab me roughly by the shoulders and drag me to the side of the path, onto the grass and by the bushes. I could barely see a thing there, the bushes blocked out all the light from the street and the night was so cloudy and grey that there was no moonlight to show me who my assailant was. ”

My husband shifted his weight so that I was laid back on the bed, his weight slightly over me, one arm under my neck and the other across my body, resting on my chest. His face next to mine, I can feel his breath on my cheek.

“He held me down, I couldn ’t move, his body leaned over mine, his hands on my shoulders. I could hear him breathing, feel his breath on my cheek smell his aftershave. I said, “My purse is in my bag. Take it, please take it, leave me alone. ” but he didn ’t seem to listen and I sobbed out loud as his fingers dug into my arms. I screamed louder and I felt his hand connect with my cheek hard, I screamed again and he slapped me once more. I got the message and bit my tongue, I didn ’t want to make this psycho angry, I didn ’t know what he might do. ”

I feel familiar lips on my cheek, Kissing the mark left by my assailant ’s hand. Once and again my husband kisses my cheek, soft and loving.

“I stayed quiet then, and lay still. I just wanted it over. I wanted him to do his business and leave me be. I felt his hands rip at my jacket buttons, ripping it apart, exposing the white blouse beneath. He then ripped into that too! So brutal. I was shaking with fear as my chest became exposed to the air and his eyes. The brute ’s hand cupped at my breasts, I kicked then. Silly mistake …he scratched his fingers down my exposed flesh and shifted his weight so he was straddling me. I could feel his, his hard THING straining through his trousers and my skirt, touching my thigh. ”

Hubby ’s hand strokes gently over my chest, caressing my breasts softly, gently flicking over my nipples. They respond and grow hard at his touch.

“The brute then ripped down my bra, rapidly and roughly, my breast exposed to the cold air, nipples going hard because of the coldness, His hand covered my left breast then it twisted my nipple hard and I started to scream but bit my tongue. He just twisted harder and harder. Tears were pouring down my face, my body racked with sobs as his head fell to my right breast, I cried out as his teeth bit down hard onto my nipple hard. It hurt so much, but I tried so hard not to shout. Not to scream. I didn ’t want him to hurt me any more. ”

The feel of my husband ’s hand over my breast was comforting, a familiar arousal coursing through my body, warm and welcoming. His head bends forward and kisses the flesh of my chest, pulling down the top of my nightdress to expose my breast to his sight, his lips encompass it. Kissing it, covering the teeth marks with his soft lips.

“I then felt him reach down and drag my skirt up over my hips, my legs were covered in goose bumps from the cold. Roughly he yanked down my panties, moving down and pulling them with him, taking them off completely and putting them in his pocket, the sick perverted bastard obviously wanted a souvenir of what he was about to do. I felt him move back up, his hands raking at my thighs. Then suddenly I felt his fingers in me- in my-inside me- in my pussy. It hurt like hell, the evil man fucked those fingers into me over and over harder and harder, back and forth until I was getting wet, yeah I was getting hot and wet, I felt so bad. I lay still and took it, praying that he ’d just violate me with his fingers and then leave me alone. I didn ’t want anymore. ”

My husband ’s hand moved from my breast and stroked down over my stomach to rest on top of my satin covered pussy, his mouth still ministers to my poor abused nipple, I rock my hips up to show him I wanted him, Needed him to help erase the memory of my attacker. His fingers respond by pulling up the satin and gently stroking at my pubic mound, I ease my legs apart and feel the gentle and familiar caress of my husbands loving hand, tracing the outline of my lips, slowly creeping up and over my clit and back down, slowly one finger pushes inside me, into my wetness. In and out it see – saws and moves. I thrust my hips in time.

“But fingering me wasn ’t enough, This guy unzipped himself with his other hand I could hear and feel what he was doing, I cringed and bit my lip. Suddenly the fingers were gone, my pussy gaping in the cold air, tingling from the brutality of the attack, it wasn ’t left open and empty for long ‘cos he thrust his big, hard, thick cock into me. It felt huge, maybe it was because I wasn ’t worked up like I am with you, I ’d had no foreplay, anyhow I felt like this cock was going to split me open. It hurt as he plunged into me, deep down into me in one go, his face close to mine, I could feel his breath on my cheek. His chest was pressing me hard into the ground as his hips lifted and fell plunging hard into me over and over and over again, I got wetter, much wetter. I started to enjoy the friction in my cunt but tears dripped down my cheeks still, my hot pussy was betraying you. I think he got off on my tears because he sped up then and I felt my body responding. ”

The finger inside me kept up its slow rhythm as I spoke, speeding up occasionally then slowing again, I feel my husband shift his body, I can feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh. Turning my head, I smile at him. He takes this as encouragement and smiling back he swings his leg over me, pulling out his finger and replacing it with his cock, Slowly he drives into me, I am so wet for him he glides in with no trouble, stretching me around his hard familiar cock. In and out over and over he thrusts as I wrap my legs around him.

“He fucked me harder and harder then as my cunt spasmed as I shamefully orgasmed, he pulled out and moved up. I felt his hot steaming cum land on my breasts, splashing up my chest and neck and then I felt more of his essence on my face and on my lips. He stood up, zipped up and walked off. That was it. Over. I felt so used, So much like a dirty slut, getting off by being raped, by being taken by some strange pervert. I came home to you then, I needed to be with you. ”

I finished telling about my ordeal as my husband ’s thrusts got more and more urgent, my body responding and grinding against him, we make love tenderly and slowly, deeply and sensuously. When we both came it is a relief and a bonding, our bodies joined in orgasmic bliss.

In the morning I wake alone, He has already left for work, but when I look over to his pillow next to me I see my knickers resting there, A statement as to how much my husband loves me and to what lengths he will go to, to satisfy my every desire.

© Victoria Blisse