From the Heart to Manchester #SinfulSunday

I live on the outskirts of Manchester. I have been many times to the Manchester Arena, I have even left my own teenage daughter there to watch a concert only recently. My heart is with those affected by the attack on Monday night. My daughter put this lil’ Bee on me, a worker Bee, the symbol of Manchester. I am proud of my city, of my brothers and sisters who have done so much to help  others in a time of need. I stand united with my fellow Mancunians of all colours, races, of all faiths and none as one.

My bee is close to my heart in today’s image. Everything right now is tinged with the memory of that act of terror but I won’t let it keep me or my city down. Life goes on and we can’t let anything stop us from living life to the full.

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Sinful Sunday

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  • There is only one way to beat them and that is to stand up, brush ourselves down and keep living our lives to the fullest. What a beautiful way to show your solidarity.

  • Beautiful! You have an amazing city. I regularly travelled from north Wales to spend many hours shopping for Goth clothes in Affleck’s Palace and pogoing at Manchester Academy, and then worked on the PR for one of the redevelopment projects after the IRA bomb. I love Manchester! Xx

  • This is beautiful, both words and image. My daughter is of an age with a lot of young women who were killed. I looked at her and saw of them, they are her and she is them, and it broke my heart a little but as you say, the only way is to love life to the full.


  • A lovely gesture and a beautiful image. The horrors are unimaginable and everyone has been affected by the terrible events, to target such a happy event makes it even more heartbreaking in a way. Solidarity has been shown along with the work of surgeons, nurses, doctors, police, ambulance taxi drivers, people offering rooms etc. Yet life must go on and lovely photographs such as yours means life will go on.

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