Today is the International Day of Consent.  Yep, mark 30th November in your calendar as every year this is the day to shout about consent. Started by Jenny Wilson in 2018 (I think) this is an important day for starting conversations and challenging behaviour around consent in every area of life, not just sex.

Are you a hugger? Ask the person before going in for the hug.

Do you want to pinch a toddler’s cheeks ‘cos they’re so darn cute? Ask first. And if the child says no or is reluctant then respect that.

Did your friend ask for a lemonade at the pub? Get them a lemonade and don’t make a fuss of it. Don’t ask them if they’re sure or tell them they can have something ‘proper’ and definitely don’t make any comments about them being a lightweight.

Because you need to show you respect a person’s choices and boundaries. It’s a consent thing.

Have you heard about FRIES?

Not the deep fried kind, the consent kind.


Did you ask your mate to go out to the pub or did you weedle and whine and plead until they gave in?  If it’s not freely given it’s not consent.

Did they say ‘Yes’ then a few moments later said no because of something they’ve just remembered…but you held them to that original yes because they ‘promised’?  Not Consent.

Did they know you were going on a pub crawl? Or had you just said you were going out for a few drinks?  You guessed it, not consent.

Did they enthusiastically agree to move on to another pub with you or did you pout and gripe until they reluctantly joined you.  Nope, that’s not consent either.

Did you tell them you’d end up in a club filled with revellers and dancing and noise or did you just take them there because, well, why not? And they did ‘promise’ you, right?  Oh hell no this is not consent.

Consent is important in every area of life.

Consent could easily save a life.

Always think FRIES on International Day of Consent and every day.

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