Friends Friday with Tamsin Flowers and Chocolate!

Welcome the ever sweet Tamsin Flowers today, she brought chocolate…mmm!



It’s a pleasure to be here, so first off I want to thank Victoria for inviting me over to do a guest post – it’s always fun to pop in on a fellow author and Victoria and I have appeared together in quite a few of the Smut anthologies.

…Which brings me on to a subject close to my heart – CHOCOLATE. Or to be more precise, my story for the Smut for Chocoholics anthology. This choctastic collection has been brought together by Victoria’s husband, Mit, and features a whole host of tasty tales that skilfully entwine sex and chocolate to ensure that every reader reaches melting point.

Smut for Chocoholics

My story’s called Her First Taste and it’s my first venture into the realms beyond the galaxy (no, not the chocolate bar – it’s science fiction!) Imagine a world where chocolate was too valuable to be eaten and cocoa beans were used as currency. Colonel Coco Murgatroyd has never tasted chocolate – she simply ships it from one planet to another for the Command Fleet. So naturally, when her ship is attacked by a roguish space pirate, intent on persuading her to give up her beans, she has her first taste and experiences an extraordinary awakening…

Space age choc

Here’s an excerpt – I hope you enjoy reading it.

All the best,


Coco crept forward towards the double swing doors that lead from the kitchen into the mess. There was a three millimetre gap between them, to which she pressed one eye to see what was going on in the kitchen. As she had thought, Bizet was indeed concocting something using cocoa beans that he was scooping up from huge pile on the floor beside him – worth more than she would earn in a hundred lives with Fleet Command. She took another deep breath of the overpowering chocolate fumes and she could almost taste it on her tongue… What would it feel like to let a medallion of chocolate melt in your mouth? To let the exquisite flavour flood your senses? She closed her eyes as her tongue surreptitiously moistened her lips. There was something almost sexual about dense, musky aroma swirling round her.

‘Well, look at you, tasting the air.’

Large hands snatched her pistol and steely arms enrapt her in an inescapable bear hug. And then Titus Bonaparte was propelling her through the swing doors and into the kitchen.

‘Bizet, leave us.’

Bizet looked her up and down with cheerful nod and wiped his hands on his apron.

‘There is chocolate ready for you over there, Titus,’ he said, indicating a row of white china bowls lined up on one of the stainless steel cabinets.

‘Good man,’ said Bonaparte with a nod, as Bizet shuffled away through a door at the other end of the room. Captain Titus Bonaparte marched Coco over to the pile of beans in the middle of the floor.

‘Have you ever seen so many beans just loose like that, Coco?’ he asked and he pushed her forward so she fell onto her knees on the pile.

Loose beans skittered away across the floor and she floundered as the pile slipped and flowed beneath her weight. She put out a hand for balance and scooped up a fistful.

‘Smell them, Coco, hold them to your face. Put one in your mouth and bite on it.’

Mesmerised by the feel of the smooth brown beans against her skin and their smell in her nostrils, Coco did as Bonaparte commanded. She took a bean between her teeth and bit into it, her mouth rewarded by a flood of harsh, bitter flavour that made her grimace. Scowling, she spat it out on the floor.

Bonaparte laughed out loud and dragged her to her feet. Then he lifted her up onto one of the steel counters and stood in front of her, leaning forward to push her knees apart.

‘Now, if you’re a very good girl, I’ll let you taste some that’s been processed,’ he said.

Coco could feel the heft of the second gun, the one with three bullets left in it, pressing down inside the leg of her boot. Her plan might still work…

‘What do I have to do, Titus?’ she whispered, snaking her arms up around the pirate’s neck.

God, he smelt good; it had been nearly two months since she’d had a man and far longer since she’d had a really satisfying fuck. No, damn it, don’t get side tracked. But that was easier thought than done, as his mouth came crashing down on hers.

‘Me,’ whispered Titus into her lips. ‘You have to do me.’

Then the kiss deepened as his tongue penetrated her mouth, preventing her from answering in words. Instead, she made her willingness clear as she mirrored his hunger and explored his mouth in return. As their tongues pushed past each other, she felt his teeth grinding against his lips and his stubble burning her chin. She arched her neck back and Titus followed her lead with a flurry of kisses down the line of her throat. Heat blossomed out from low in her abdomen and she moaned as she felt his hands move to the buttons on the front of her uniform.

As he popped them open one by one, she heard his breath catch in his throat. Now was as good a time as any. Surreptitiously she let her hand drop to her side and then she reached forward into her boot. Bracing herself against the counter with her free hand, she pressed the barrel of the Mercuriat pistol into the hollow behind Bonaparte’s ear.

Smut for Chocoholics