Friends Friday with Kat Black!

Kat Black has popped out of the writing cave to come and say hello, yay!


It’s a Cover Up!

Thanks so much for having me over, Victoria. Writing is such a solitary business that it’s lovely to be able to get out and spend some time with you and your readers – Blissters?…Blissettes? Note from Victoria: I’m not sure Blissters would go down very well! *LOL*

Emerging bleary-eyed from my garret, though, I have to ask: Am I seeing things, or is the whole world turning grey? I don’t just mean the drab winter skies closing in over our heads which are only to be expected at this time of year (okay, okay, this is England – most of the year round) but also the current trend for shady, smoky-hued covers that seems to be sweeping our end of the book market.

Sleek, elegant and just a little bit moody, these covers are undeniably the new cool crowd, the beau monde – on the one hand taunting us with an air of glossy aloofness and on the other, teasing us with a hint of mystery and understated sexiness. It’s all achingly chic and sophisticated…

(Ahem) And then there’s this:

pleasure bound

Like someone who’s fronted up to a fancy dress party only to discover that the dress code has been changed without their knowledge, we have the cover of my novella, Pleasure Bound. Glam and glitzy, it shimmies into the midst of all this stylish refinement with about as much ambiguity and subtlety as a Vegas showgirl.

Unless you only viewed it through a pair of sunglasses, at midnight, with all the lights turned off, there’s really no way you could put any sort of mysterious spin on this cover. Apart from the leather cave girl vibe and the fuchsia satin pillowcases (details straight out of the fantasies of the cover artist!) what you see is pretty much what you get with this book. Look, here’s the blurb:

Sam Tyler is thrilled to discover that her lover is whisking her away for a weekend of exotic luxury as a treat for her birthday. As a woman who knows just what she wants—her man all tied up like a living, breathing present—she’s quick to take advantage of his generous mood and begins planning a surprise of her own. One she fears he’s not going to like very much.

Things could be going better, Adam has to admit, as his plans for Sam’s birthday begin to unravel. Having thought that the biggest shock of the weekend would come courtesy of the diamond engagement ring he has stashed in his luggage, he’s rocked to his core to discover that the petite, feminine, woman he hopes to make his loving wife turns out to have a secret and very kinky side that wants to see him helplessly bound for her pleasure. Even with mind blowing sex as an incentive, it’s a hell of a tough ask for a man who insists on always being in control. Does he have the kind of strength it takes to surrender?

So, as you see, it’s not only in appearances that Pleasure Bound seems to buck the current trend in erotic romance. Sure, nestling between the covers you’ll find all the usual ingredients of bossy alpha hero, exotic locations, hot sexual chemistry and kinky conundrums. It’s just that the mix here varies from the original recipe – I’ve shaken, rather than stirred things up and the result is a somewhat explosive cocktail!

For anyone looking to take a break from grey and inject a bit of colour into their reading lives, more details (and plenty of pink) can be found on my website

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