Friends Friday – Wendi Zwaduk and Torin Michaels!

Welcome the wonderful Wendi Zwaduk to Friends Friday and welcome her Character Toni Michaels too!


I want to thank the lovely Victoria Blisse for letting me and Wendi come by for this interview. I’ve done plenty of sit-downs in my time, but this one is going to be fun.

Thanks Torin. We’re glad to have you here. Grin. And thanks to Victoria. I love being a Friday friend with one of my good friends.

You play to audiences around the world, what got you into music?

I’ve always wanted to play, but the genesis came when I was in school. I had nothing better to do and the teachers wanted to redirect my energies. Let’s say I was a boisterous child. Yeah, that works. So they handed me a set of drum sticks. I channeled my energies into learning how to make the thing roar. Then I moved on to the guitar. I can play both – not at the same time—and the keyboards. Knowing how to do them all tends to help when I’m writing music.

You write all your own music? Do you have a muse? Who is it?

That’s three questions, but I’ll let it slide. (Wicked grin.) Question one – yes, I write all my own music. I used to play cover songs but realized I wanted to rewrite parts. People don’t appreciate when you embroider on a song, so I said, okay I’ll write it my way. And I did. Question two —I have a muse and that leads into question three. Zoe is my one that got away. She’s the reason I write all my ballads and the inspiration behind more than a couple of my thundering electronica songs. Zoe broke my heart and owns my soul. One of these days I’ll get her back in my arms. Did I mention longing is great for songwriting? It is.

How long have you been in your band and what’s the name of the band?

My band is Renegade and we’ve been together for almost 15 years. The line-up changed a couple of times, but even when we have members leave, we’re tight. It’s a great outlet for creativity and I’ve got four guys I can trust to have my back.

So now we’re going to ask three quickie questions because we can. Ready? Boxers or briefs?

How about neither? Easy access is nothing to sneeze at. But if I have to wear britches, boxers. Gotta let the boys breathe.
Makes sense. Drums, guitar, or keyboards?

Hmm. First response is drums. They’re my first instrument love. But, if I’m writing music, then I want my guitar.
So…all three.

Favorite city to stop on tour?
All of them. That’s easy. I don’t have a favorite city, unless we’re talking about where I tour and rest. Then I want to be with Zoe in Cleveland, Ohio. There’s something special about being in the same city as the woman I love.

That’s all the questions we have for now. Thanks for letting us do this interview and being so candid.

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