Friends Friday -The Brit Babes!

Friends Friday
The Brit Babes are a group of 8 awesome authorly type peoples. I’m one of them. We’re all Brits, all babes (clearly) and all the best of mates. So today’s Friends Friday is dedicated to them.


First of all check out the Brit Babes Blog for all our latest releases. Now let me introduce you to the Gang:


Lily Harlem loves armpits and the sexy men they’re on and wine. She write hot, kinky sex scenes and is a regular Sunday Snogger and Saturday Spanker. She’s very generous with her time and support and she’s helped me out numerous times.

Lily’s Blog

Tabitha Rayne is a sophisticated lassie with a fabulous talent for a quirky turn of phrase. Her stories are sensual and smutty and she never fails to spurprise! She’s such a kindhearted sweet pea, I just want to pinch her cheeks and snuggle her!

Tabitha’s site
Lucy_Felthouse (2)

Lucy Felthouse is my fellow Northern bird and partner in Smut. She writes with a touch of humour and covers all kinds of topics and kinks. Lucy is my writing other half, we’re always up to something together and she keeps me vaguely organised, which is definitely a miracle.

Lucy’s Website
Kathy Rab1Large

KD Grace is the prolific novel writer of paranormal and kink, she loves the lakes, her vegetables and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Her smiles are so big and warm, they light you up for days! You’ll love her books, everyone does.

KD’s Site


Natalie Dae is a woman of many names, Sarah Masters (M/M) Geraldine O’Hara (damn funny) Posh Gosh (Pretty covers for Total-E-Bound) and more. She’s witty, sexy and down to earth. Natalie writes all kinds of sexy stories, there’s bound to be something that’ll tickle your fancy!

Natalie’s Website

Kay Jaybee is the queen of kink, her stories are full of pleasurable pain and punishment, leaving you wanting more, more, more. Kay’s lovely, she’ll go out of her way to help out without thinking twice about it.

Kay’s Site

Lexie Bay is Smutty! She’s got stories in several Smut anthologies and she always writes outside the box. You’ll love what she’s got for you! She’s genuine and warm and encourages me all the time.

Lexie’s Site

So these are my smutty sisters, they’re my bestest mates and they all write wickedly good stories. Check’em out.