Friends Friday -Tanith Davenport.


Today, Tanith Davenport fellow Smut by the Sea and Scarborough lover is here! Yay, find out a little about her story, I like it wet.

What Talia Did

Whether I’m writing a short or a novel-length story, I have to give my lead characters a proper background, and that includes a career. Which means I have all the fun of researching the careers I didn’t have the chance, the time or the ability to do myself. Casino croupier? Paranormal investigator? Karate instructor? You name it, I’ve probably looked into it. And when I started my story for Smut By The Sea, my heroine Talia Lanter was no exception.


In I Like It Wet, Talia is a fashion designer. Just having finished a large project for a conservative clothing company, she dreams of designing her own line of burlesque lingerie, but believes this is out of her reach… so she decides to spend the weekend in Scarborough to indulge herself in sun, sand and sea – specifically her favourite fetish: being drenched in water.

I’m no designer myself, but I love lingerie. I’ve spent a fortune in La Senza and Ann Summers. Burlesque lingerie, on the other hand, is a bit more niche market. I did some research at Eroticon this year and discovered a great company called What Katie Did which specialises in all the gorgeous lingerie and corsetry that Talia would absolutely love.


But Talia, being Talia, would have to incorporate water into it somewhere. Burlesque swimwear, maybe? Or is there a market for wet-look lingerie? If there is, Talia would be the person to take advantage of it. I had her design a lot of her own clothes to be hardy when wet, so when her love interest – and fellow designer – Jay spots her under a barrage of waves on the seafront, her tank top and shorts are still in perfect condition.

Jay hasn’t had time yet to be jaded about his work. He’s just moved from a company which designed uniforms, leaving him feeling stifled. Just being able to design other kinds of clothes is enough for him. But his studenty looks mean he is constantly underestimated by designers and models alike, so as far as Talia is concerned he doesn’t think he stands a chance.

Until, on a weekend away at the coast, he encounters her leaning over the sea wall, wet clothes plastered to her body, water sparkling on her skin, and flushed with pleasure…


picture by Louis Sanchis

I love the idea of designing and making my own clothes, but have neither the talent nor the skill. So I’ll stick to shopping at my favourite lingerie shops and letting people like Talia and Jay handle the legwork – when they’re not splashing around in the water.