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The Emotion of Writing

By Taige Crenshaw


I’ve mentioned a few times at various places I enjoy a good-natured rousing debate when it comes to books. These debates bring out the emotions invoked in the books. Since my friends and I are avid readers we have these talks often. If we like a book we can go on for hours about it and each get something different from the story. And if we are split on our feeling about the book we it can get very interesting. Now back to this current debate. It was another interesting discussion okay it was an all out debate. It was concerning a book a few of my friends and I had read. We were split in our views of the books. A few of us loved it while others hated it or was more undecided about it.

These differences led to a long debate of with both sides listing out points and countering why we liked, disliked or didn’t care enough about the book. We got loud and emotionally about our point of view. It was interesting. We had others around us who had read the book chiming in and those who hadn’t asking more about it. The cross points of feeling was invigorating. As usual when you get readers together this led to even more discussions of various author’s work we liked, did not like, the reasons why or why not. It was a very reveling conversation.
This again all came back to the emotion of writing. No matter if your book is not liked or liked. It has created an emotion. As an author this is what I want to do. Whether it is good or bad. I want you to feel it. The one thing I do not want is apathy. That is like a punch to any writer. Please NO APATHY. Give me any emotion and I will feel that I have done my job.

Now I am not saying if I get a bad review or email that a reader didn’t like my work I won’t get a little upset at first. But when it comes down to it I will be content and happy. I created a reaction.

An Emotion.

I touched the reader in someway. From that little debate I had the other day. I realized that people would remember you if they have enough emotion whether good or bad. In our discussion I was curious of those who didn’t seem to have an opinion on the book either way. I asked them why. And I listened closely filing their thoughts away for future reference. The most prevalent one was they had no connection to the story. But as I listened to them talk I realized they actually did have an emotion to it. Although they didn’t outright dislike the story they didn’t like it either. They were that middle ground. They had a reaction on both sides. Thankfully they were not moved at all. At least the book created some reaction.

As we left this discussion I came away with a few new authors to try as well as some fellow book lovers to talk about books with. We all decided to meet again to talk books. All in all we came to the conclusion that just because someone didn’t like a book doesn’t mean what they saw as flaws I or another reader wouldn’t see as treasures.
Come on and share the books you have read and created strong emotion. Don’t be shy it can be good or bad.

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