Friends Friday -Tabitha Rayne.

Tabitha Rayne is here today talking about something close to every Brits heart. Weather.


Hi there – well this is my first time on the lovely Victoria’s Friends Friday – I am very pleased to be here! I’m Tabitha Rayne, writer of fiction – mainly the erotic variety eagerly awaiting the launch date of my first full length erotic novel in June.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the weather recently – while I sit in my little shed at the bottom of the garden writing this – in the past five minutes I have been treated to darkened skies throwing down rain, hail and now, astonishingly blazing sun! Such sun that I have had to angle my laptop to stop the glare. Not complaining (too much) though as I think this kind of unpredicatlbe hot then cold, up and down bonkers May stuff suits my personality and probably directs the mood in my writing. Though sometimes, I do fantasise about having just one whole day where I could be confident that I could wear a T-shirt without having to carry an umbrella and thick woolly jumper about with me. So this craving for a little steady heat leads me on to my newest release with Xcite. My story, Sea View is about Louisa, who is on a girl’s week away in the sun – she is an early riser and heads down to a cliff top in the early morning to catch some rays before her friends wake up. As she lies basking in the rising heat, that lovely tingly feeling comes over her and before she knows it she is having a little holiday fling with herself there on the cliff top… but who is this handsome stranger on the beach below? And did he see what she was up to? I’m sure I am giving away no surprises when I tell you that of course he did!

Sea View is part of a collection of five short stories from Xcite called A Short Cambodian Affair. Here’s a little snippet to get you in the mood…

Thank you so much for having me today Ms Blisse x x


Sea View

Louisa shuffled forward until her legs were dangling over the edge of the cliff. Sunlight glanced off the breaking waves in entrancing sparkles. The black rock scorched her thighs where her skirt had ridden up and gravel scraped at her. It was still early but the heat was searing. She’d always been an early riser and was happy to leave her girlfriends sleeping in the apartment. This was her time. Time to explore without maps and schedules. Louisa had spotted this vantage point the day before on a walk in the cove below. Her heart had leapt when she’d looked up at the cliffs. She knew she had to go there.

She lifted her thighs and rubbed her hands over the rock beneath trying to take a little of the heat out. A soft ocean breeze caressed her shoulders and soothed her baking skin and Louisa inhaled the delicious scent of her own sun-warmed flesh. It made her mouth water and she nuzzled her nose into the soft hairs of her arm, which were turning gold already. She slowly lay back on the cliff top with tentative movements until body and rock met in harmony and her flesh became used to the burning sensation.

Her feet were still dangling and she pulled her skirt up a little over her thighs and let her hands rest there clutching the hem. This was pure luxury. She was engulfed in the elements and let herself fall deeper in to the sensual relaxation. Her thighs rolled out slightly and the sea breeze whipped briefly under her skirt. Louisa was aware of warmth pulsing from deep between her legs and knew she needed to feel the breeze again. She parted her knees and sighed as a gust of wind ruffled the hair and kissed at the moistening lips. Louisa rarely wore panties but today she was even more delighted about this and lifted her pelvis to allow her skirt to be hitched up over her buttocks. Goosebumps rose where the material brushed over her. She knew she was alone but gave a furtive glance around from beneath her sunhat just to make sure. Her breath caught in her throat as she thought she spotted someone but quickly slowed as a buzzard soared off into the blue sky.

Settling backwards, she closed her eyes, and released the grip on her hem, unfurling her fingers towards herself…

Content warning – erotic and explicit sex scenes
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