Friends Friday- Suz deMello

Welcome Suz deMello to Friends Friday today. This lady is a great friend and a brave lady indeed, she’s edited some of my books for me. ;) She’s talking abut her Scottish Vampires today!


Why vamps in kilts?

People often want to know where we writers get our ideas. I usually say, “I get them at Sears. They sell them downstairs between the exercise bikes and the barbecues.”

But seriously—why Temptation in Tartan? Why eighteenth century vampires in kilts, especially since I started writing this books while I lived in China? (A whole ‘nother story, detailed in my blog,

The real answer is that my imagination is a disobedient beast, wandering everywhere and anywhere, rarely connecting with where I may happen to live.

When I started writing the first story in The Kilburn Vampires series, “Highland Vampire,” I wanted to tune into the popularity of vampires but twist the meme around a little bit. I did that by placing the vamp in Scotland. I really had to use my imagination since I had not visited Scotland since 1972.


I sold that story to Spice Briefs, and decided to write a related tale, maybe something longer and more interesting. Because “Highland Vampire” is a contemporary, I could write a sequel or a prequel. My love of historical fiction led me to write a prequel—indeed to plan a series.

I finally returned to Scotland in October 2011 and was delighted to find that my imagination, memories and the internet had allowed me to produce stories which were faithful to the land and the people.

Here’s what Temptation in Tartan is about:


She had to marry a monster… Rumors had followed the chieftains of Clan Kilborn for centuries. Said to be descended from the Viking Berserkers, they were ferocious in battle, known for tearing off the heads of their enemies and drinking their blood.

But English noblewoman Lydia Swann Williston would marry Kieran, Laird Kilborn, to bring peace to the Kilborn lands after the horror of Culloden and the brutal pacification. A widow, she also brought needed wealth to Clan Kilborn. For her part, eighteen-year-old Lydia wanted children. With her husband killed at Culloden, she would make a new life in the Highlands.

The old chieftain of Clan Kilborn also died in battle, and she hoped that the new young Laird would lack his ancestors’ ferocity.

She was wrong.

Published by Ellora’s Cave in June 2012, Temptation in Tartan reached #1 on the All Romance Ebooks bestseller list for historical (other) romance and spent a full week in the top five. Its sequel, Desire in Tartan, is in process.


Here’s what “Highland Vampire” is about:

On the run from her vindictive family, Natasha Desmond takes refuge at Kilburn Castle, reputed hunting grounds of a deadly vampire–and home to Garrett Kilburn, its sexy-as-sin owner. Though Garrett seems cold and remote at first, Natasha finds he’s red hot in the bedroom. He seems to know all her secret desires and brings her ecstasy like she’s never known before.

But at night, Natasha is visited by another mysterious lover. A lover who leaves two tiny wounds on her neck…
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