Friends Friday -Stephanie Beck.

Friday the 13th…..ooooooooohhhh
Stephanie Beck


My mother isn’t superstitious so that’s probably why I’m not. I don’t look at certain things as being keepers of bad luck and though I find the different beliefs and cultures interesting I have no desire to pick up the tradition.

The only solid memory I have of a Friday the 13th is from when I was a kid and I went to a birthday party for a friend. The day was full of kiddos having fun and decorations the mom had left from Halloween (lots of spiders and creepy things). I’ve seen pictures on the internet floating around from that day…and I was one happy kiddo. Right until the party ended and I found out I was the only one not invited to stay the night. Bummer for this chick.

My mom picked me up and when I told her about it she let me stay up late to watch a movie, so that was very nice. Other than that, I really can’t pin any less than super memories on any Friday the 13th, but I’m sure other people have experiences and I want to hear them!

Leave your favorite Friday the 13th suspicion or memory. Thanks!

All the best,

Stephanie Beck


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