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We’ve got a new author to Friends Friday, today. Welcome Shauna Aura Knight!


Why Do I Write Smut?
By Shauna Aura Knight

Many folks ask why I write Romance and Erotic Romance. Or why I wrote a ménage, or why I write Fantasy/Paranormal/Sci-Fi vs. mainstream fiction. And Pagans want to hear about my Pagan characters, since I have built a positive reputation writing and teaching for the metaphysical and Pagan community.

“Why Paranormal?” Like most paranormal authors, I use what I call “whiz-bang” magic in most of my stories. Shapeshifters, vampires, people who can summon the elements and lightning bolts…the cool stuff. And I guess that’s the best answer I can give; I’ve always liked Fantasy and Sci-fi. It’s just cool. Contemporary, chick flicks…that stuff doesn’t grab me.

However, I’m also an activist for Pagan equality, and like most Pagans, I get really annoyed reading Paranormal Romance or watching popular tv shows that totally don’t “get” Wicca, Druidism, or other forms of Paganism. In my own work I try to make a clear difference between “people with magical powers” and, “people who practice one of the Pagan spiritual traditions.” There’s crossover, to be sure, but I try to make a bit of a separation.

Because, let’s face it…though I’ve facilitated some intense ritual experiences for large groups of people, it’s a pretty subtle magic. But, I’ll be sure to let you all know if I start summoning bolts of lightning to smite my enemies!

As to why Romance …I guess it just never occurred to me to close the door for the sex scenes. Sex is where a lot of interesting things happen. I’m fascinated by myth and the process of the hero’s journey, and part of that journey is working through the issues of our past. Well—I’ve talked to a lot of people about sex. Sex isn’t something people talk about easily, and yet, it has a massive, tremendous impact on our lives.

Good sex, bad sex…we remember it. The truth is, there’s a lot of reasons that sex with someone new might be challenging for a character in a story.

When two (or more!) characters are attracted to each other and end up in the sack, sometimes those old issues are going to creep up. Our own fears, our insecurities, our shame…remembering that guy that dumped you, or that really bad lay, or the person who cheated, or how you’ve never been able to open up to anyone…I think all that often hits overdrive during sex.

In some stories, those issues of trust or shame are central to the story. However, when characters in a story really connect, when they are falling for each other, many of those issues can be healed for perhaps the first time in that character’s life. I don’t like to suggest the “You complete me” scenario that someone needs a lover in order to be complete. But, it’s really difficult to heal from issues of the past around sex without trying things out live and in 360 degree surround sound, as it were.

Why do I write Romance with Erotic scenes? Well—I write what turns me on. And of course, I hope it turns someone else on too. But I write it because sex is, for lack of better terms, a hot button. It’s a pressure cooker for my characters. I’ve often said that nothing changes when things are going on like they do every day, when everything is status quo. It’s when we face a challenge that things change.

And what grabs me about any story—other than the spiciness—is what compels a character—a hero of their own story—to transform.


Excerpt from Werewolves in the Kitchen:

Jake turned the shower on while Kyle kissed her senseless. Ellie threaded her fingers into Kyle’s short blond curls, and suddenly Jake was behind her, untying her shorts. Kyle drew her top up, and she could feel Jake’s bare chest against her back.

She was just in her bra and panties when Kyle released her to pop the button on his jeans. Then he kissed her again, nipping his way down her body.

Jake made an appreciative noise from behind her, and she turned her head. He kissed her, grinding his hips against her buttocks. Distracted by Jake kissing her, she gasped when Kyle brushed his fingers over her mound, rubbing her through her panties. He nipped at her hip, and she felt him dragging her underwear down. She tugged him up and kissed him.

“Shower first,” she murmured.

Kyle grinned, placing her hands on the waistband of his jeans to tug them off. Her jaw dropped just a little as his length sprung out. “Oh my,” she whispered.

He drew her to him and into the steaming shower, kissing her. Jake closed the glass shower door behind him; it was just big enough for three. She took them both in before they drew closer.

Jake tipped her head back into the water to wet it before he began lathering up her hair, his fingers massaging her scalp as she blissed out.

Kyle grabbed a washcloth and washed her from shoulders to feet until she shivered. Ellie blushed and protested when his fingers slipped between her folds until she moaned. Jake claimed her lips as Kyle began to circle her pearl where she was slick with arousal. “So wet, baby.”

Jake slid his hands over her body, down to her buttocks, lathering up her back with body wash. Then he was splitting her buttocks to wash her there as Kyle drove two fingers into her pussy.

She cried out into Jake’s mouth at the sensation. She’d never been kissed like this before—the hot water falling on them, Jake’s tongue lapping at her lips even as Kyle was pleasuring her where she’d been swollen and hot for them for so long.

Ellie moaned, thrusting down onto Kyle’s fingers. How many times had she blushed, fantasizing about them doing this to her? She was already on the edge of orgasm from the thrill of having them both totally focused on her pleasure and so many days without release.

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