Friends Friday – Sascha Ilyvich.

And today Sasca Ilyvich has some hints and tips for blog writers! I hope you enjoy it.

Voice in your blogs

We talked at length during a panel at Cybernet Expo about social media and the best use of it. For the Adult industry, and this includes us, it’s challenging to design blogs and copy that not only draw in an audience but convert sales. In our case as erotic romance authors, we’re aiming for readers who are viral and just as excited about our newest romance stories as the adult folks are about their favorite actress or actor.

The best way to get traffic is to have that unique voice. It doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it that brings in the readers. Are you smart? Do you have a little bit of sass in your posts? Are you prone to ranting? Are you sweet? And lastly, are you consistent?

Your blog voice can vary but readers are expecting to feel a certain emotion out of your posts. Usually it’s relevant to whatever your profession is. For example, as an author, to build readership and establish author credibility, I use my frank and honest voice over at whereas any blogs tied to are kinky and have that definite DOM tone involved. Any writing about cigars online has a distinguishably different voice that’s geared towards that audience.

The next tip on blogging involves consistency. I cover this at Saritza Hernandez’s blog geared towards literary agents. You must update your blog once a week at least. More if you can and when you do update, you must consider SEO in your blog though there is some debate about that now due to Google Instant.

In a rehash from the blog done for ePubAgent (an agent at Lori Perkins Agency) I also covered being clear about content. Nobody will search for Sascha Illyvich unless I pop up all over the web as I’m doing lately. But they’ll search for erotic romance and that’s ME! I AM the hotness of this genre! Especially considering that I’m a kilt wearing male, I’m definitely hot! Rawr!

Lastly, have fun with your blog. Sure you’re writing for your audience but if it bores you, then why bother, right? The goal of authors is wealth AND happiness.

Much success!

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Thanks Sascha!

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