Friends Friday – Sara York!

I want to thank Victoria for having me on her blog today. She’s such a sweetie for allowing me a spot.

I love writing and one of the reasons I love writing is because there are so many totally awesome people who I’ve met because I’m an author. My fans are great. I love getting letters from them. The author friends I’ve made are the best. I love going to conferences and catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while but I talk to on Facebook or Twitter.

Another part of writing I love is the characters I create. My favorite character so far is Jake Grant from Working It Out. Jake’s partner passed away six months ago and now he’s trying to pick up the pieces and move on, but the pain is sometimes too much. When he meets Lance Abbott he doesn’t want a relationship but he body won’t listen. The attraction is immediate.

During writing books like Working It Out I sometimes get so engrossed in the character’s lives that when I place my coffee order and they ask for a name, mine isn’t the first one to pop into my mind. Sometimes I think of my character’s names first.

I do fall in love with my characters too. Jake was easy to fall for. He’s nice, kind, good looking, sweet and sexy. Jake is also smart and just an all around good guy. I hope you can fall in love with him as you read Working It Out.

I’m a little sad that I’ve moved on from Jake Grant, he was an exceptional character to write. I’ve got other characters that I’ve grown close to over the books. I loved Marissa from Murder Stalks. I’ll be writing another Tony and Marissa book soon. Probably next year.

But through it all, all the edits that drive me crazy and the extended hours writing, my husband has been my best friend. I do write characteristics of my husband into every character, maybe that’s why I fall in love with them. The characters I write are infused with a bit of my friends and my husband. I hope you’ll find me on Facebook or on Twitter. I would love to have a chance to talk to you and get to know you better. You can find me at my website or blog.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Working It Out


Moving up Jake’s arm, he concentrated on the man’s neck, loving the feel of Jake’s body even if it meant nothing to Jake.
“This feels wonderful.” Jake’s voice was muffled by the sheets.
The compliment made Lance’s heart grow tight. If only he had the courage to lean forward and kiss Jake on the back of the neck. “I’m glad you like it.”
“Yeah, the massage feels good too.”
Lance stopped moving his hands, his breath stalled in his lungs. Had he heard Jake right? No way. He started massaging again. Jake groaned, and blew out a huge breath.
“You really need to take better care of yourself.”
“What do you mean?”
Lance breathed in deep, loving the outdoorsy scent Jake gave off. “Your muscles are knotted. You’ve been working out but you’re not getting enough water or proper nutrition.”
“You can tell that by my muscles?”
Lance sat on his stool and rolled forward. He ran his fingers over Jake’s shoulder blade. “This needs help.” He took Jake’s wrist and tugged his arm, stretching the muscles. “Is this a good stretch or too much?”
“No, it’s good.”
He laid Jake’s arm back on the table by his head but Jake let his arm drop. His hand rested on Lance’s leg.
Oh, my God, he’s touching me. Lance didn’t move, didn’t breathe.
Jake slid his hand up Lance’s leg stopping inches below Lance’s crotch. “I can think of a few more places that need attention.”
Lance’s face heated. He wondered if he’d read Jake wrong. What would happen if Lance slid forward two inches, forcing Jake’s hand onto his crotch?
“I like the way your hands feel on me.” Jake’s fingers moved over Lance’s thigh, teasing him.
Should he be brave and act on this promise of a good time? In any other situation he would pull back, but they were totally alone. No one would know. But all of his ethics training screamed through his head. He stood up and moved around the table, positioning himself where Jake couldn’t touch him.
“Time to flip over.” Lance couldn’t believe he was thinking of touching Jake sexually right now. What the hell was he doing? Damn him for mixing pleasure with business. He would have to refer Jake to another doctor.
Lance finished the massage. His boner strained the front of his pants. God, he couldn’t get that under control and from the looks of the blanket draped over Jake, neither could he.
Lance stepped away from the table, avoiding running his fingers down Jake’s body to his cock. He knew that if he touched Jake’s dick with his hands, his mouth wouldn’t be far behind.
“That was great,” Jake moaned.
“I’ll step out of the room for a moment. Just open the door when you’re done.”
Out in the hallway, Lance buried his head in his hands. He wanted Jake more than anyone he’d ever met before. The attraction was there from Jake too. But he couldn’t.
The door opened and Lance pasted a disinterested look onto his face as he walked into the massage room. Jake’s shirt was still on the chair in the corner. Lance drooled a little as Jake flashed him a huge smile.
“Feels so good.” Jake grabbed his shirt and toyed with it.
Lance stared at the man’s body, lusting after his chest and amazing six-pack. He should probably say something, but the throbbing in his dick had rendered him mute.
“Funny, for a while there I thought you were gay.” Jake chuckled and shook his head. “Kind of strange, wouldn’t you say?” He took two steps which placed him only inches away from Lance.
The little voice that told him he was getting deep into trouble echoed in his head and he shoved it aside before he reached up to pull Jake towards him. Lance slid his tongue along Jake’s lips, begging for him to open. When he did, Lance was taken aback by the power and sexiness in Jake’s kiss.
Hot tears filled Lance’s eyes as his throat closed off. It had been so long since he’d kissed another man. For a long moment their tongues played together, testing each other’s mouth. Lance forced himself to calm down. He didn’t want to be a blubbering fool after only one kiss.
Their bodies were plastered against each other. Lance could feel Jake’s dick bumping against his. Jake’s muscled chest under his hands was driving him crazy. He slid his hand down the back of Jake’s pants, running his fingers down Jake’s crack.
Jake spread his legs and shoved his pelvis forward. Lance reached into Jake’s pants and found Jake’s tight rosette and slid his finger across the opening. Jake moaned and threw his head back, breaking their kiss.
The front door chime dinged, and a woman’s voice called out. “Doctor Abbott, are you here?”
“Shit.” Lance pulled his hand out of Jake’s pants. “Get dressed,” he threw over his shoulder and exited the room.