Friends Friday – S L Danielson!

So S L Danielson joins us today, give her a lovely warm welcome!


First, thank you Victoria for hosting me today!!

Hello everyone! I have big news and even bigger news!

Ranch Hands (and my new sequel for it, Ranch Hands 2; Jerry’s Season) have found a home!
Wicked Nights publishing has taken both of them and beginning in August, the original Ranch Hands (with a bit on enhancement and proofing) will hit the market!
The sequel comes out in November…yay!

Also in the news…I’m self-releasing the sequel to “For the Heart of Phillip” entitled: The Refugees. This follows up with the two men who were left behind from the dramatic battle for Phillip’s heart, but lost. I’ve set a release date of May 26th!

Last but not least; March 26th is the release date for “Life After Math”; the sequel to “Love by the Numbers”. This follows Scott and Jared into college where they face drama, wanna-be lovers, and all the challenges of keeping a relationship alive. Can they succeed?

Available for pre-order now at Silver Publishing.

Overall…my writing seems to be on fire; I guess it helps I only sleep 5-6 hours a day and am not currently working. I’m taking full advantage!!! Though I’d love to get back to work (that whole $$$ thing is necessary to live on) :)

I do have three more books in the works; one of which has already been submitted for publication…so stay tuned for more info on that one!

Wish me luck on finding a job too…I have two potential ones; light years apart from each other. I don’t care which one I get; one will do. Then a house, then a car, then a big bookcase for all these books I want! (I love paperback still).

You can contact me here:!/profile.php?id=1173654489

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