Friends Friday – Robin Glasser loves Her Bathroom!

Today we welcome Robin Glasser with the most unusual titled blogs I’ve had the pleasure of hosting here at!

This is not a photo of Robin’s bathroom, just a rather grand one I rather liked the look of!



After three years of fairytale living, I returned to America. Although a native, I felt like an emigrant because I had to begin life with basically nothing: no job, no apartment, no furnishings, no, no, NO! Definitely couldn’t afford to live in my old pricey hood—I’d given up my rent-controlled Park Avenue apartment. A good friend had moved up—waaaaay up—to northern Manhattan. I fell in love with its beauty and rented a room in someone’s flat to decide if this is where I really wanted to live. Eventually I bought a place which took a HUGE chunk out of my savings so furniture consisted of finds from the street and giveaways from friends.

My building was fifty-plus-years old. Although I had indoor plumbing, the cracked pink, peach, putrid tiles; the badly repaired ceiling leak; the stained sink; and worn porcelain tub had never undergone cosmetic surgery. Alas, I had no funds to give it a makeover. Living with this broken-down bathroom for nearly a decade did not bring us closer. Then my sink started leaking and the super declared that replacement valves were no longer available. Using a gigantic wrench, he shut down the cold water faucet. No worries…I still had the tub. But the leak started again. And the tiles began literally falling from the walls. The bathtub joined in and I knew the time had come. It was either remodel or bathe in the Hudson River.

FYI: Average price for a New York City bathroom renovation: $10,000.00. Believe me, I did more than gasp! Luckily, I have a wonderful father who was willing to part with some cash. Now the hard part: finding a contractor not from hell. It took me close to three months but I managed to discover someone whose resemblance to a greedy, nether-world overlord didn’t seem apparent. Contract signed, date set, it was up to me to design then decide on bathroom fixtures. Welcome to the world of plumbing!

I’ve seen bathrooms bigger than Buckingham Palace. Bathrooms that will do almost everything for you. I never thought I’d oooh and aaaah over a toilet paper holder or have wet dreams about a showerhead—never knew that thousands of tile showrooms existed in New York City. Forget about the internet! I had three months to gather my goodies and was still selecting items several days into the job. And, yes, there were contractor conflicts! And, yes, I did lose weight and sleep and gained several more strands of gray.

It’s been two weeks since my reglazed tub has finally dried and, despite all the ‘mistakes’ only my eyes will ever see, I’ve gotta say: I LOVE MY BATHROOM.

PS: I’m never gonna shower alone either…checkout why here.
PSS: Need any advice, great websites for money-saving bathroom stuff, send me an email:

Recovering copywriter, Robin Glasser has written for a variety of magazines ranging from Readers’ Digest to Penthouse Letters where she wrote a column called “The Red Hot Woman.” Her poetry has been published in Upstairs at Duroc and The Riverside Poetry Review.

concubineMy Life as a Concubine is the lively account of a savvy, New York City woman, never married, not looking to be, who suddenly falls in love with a Frenchman. After several enchanting years together, Jean-Loup tells her that he must return to France. She is in a quandary—stay on the isle of Manhattan where she has work, friends and speaks the lingo or depart for Paris with the utterly adorable frog prince? There is one teensy-weensy problem—Jean-Loup hasn’t asked her to go with him. When he finally pops the question, it certainly isn’t the one she expects.

Ms Glasser’s latest novel, My Life as a Concubine, which is based on her experiences in Paris or as she likes to call it, The City of Merde, is available from and Amazon Books. Robin guarantees Men at Work, her fully-illustrated book of poetry, will put twinkles in your eyes and sparkles in your pants. Don’t forget to watch her fast-paced peepshows based on these poems on her
Youtube Channel….

You can get a copy from
She now reads at various venues in New York.

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