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Welcome RJ Scott to Friends Friday today! I’m so excited to have this lovely lady dropping by!

Friends Friday

2013 is the year I set about writing more blog posts that will be interesting and fun. If only I could think what to blog about everything would be great. So I did what every author has done at least once; I asked Google. I wanted a list of things readers and other authors would maybe like to read about. Instead I found this: A list of reasons you should have, or should not have, a blog.

Have a blog if:

1. You have something important to say and it seems people want to hear it.

Of course I have something important to say. Lolcats don’t post themselves you know…

2. You understand that blogging is about offering something of value, NOT about promoting yourself and your books.

Oh… oops…

Well, the autism posts were of value. Great value. So that was a win.

3. You enjoy blogging (for the most part, anyway).

YAY BLOGGING *Mexican Wave*… waves poms poms enthusiastically. Sits down.

4. You find blogging contributes to your creativity and enthusiasm for writing your books, rather than sucking all the energy out of you.

I refuse to answer this question on the grounds I may incriminate myself.

5. You can find the time for blogging without it completely stressing you out.

See answer to question 4

6. Your books have a highly defined target audience, making it easy to target your blog.

Oh this is an easy one. I write Male/Male romantic fiction with a happy ever after. (Yes! I have one!)

7. Your books are topical (especially non-fiction), so that you have a clear and obvious theme for your blog.

My theme I guess, besides book news, is men… *thinks about nekkid men … men falling in love … get’s distracted.

Don’t have a blog if:

1. You keep asking yourself and others, “But what should I blog about?”

Hence why I typed into Google *What should authors blog about?*

2. You only want to blog to promote your books and/or because you think you “have to.”

Oh no, I don’t HAVE TO promote my books… I want to… I love interacting with my readers.

3. The whole idea stresses you out.

Well, there is that… I just don’t want to bore you all…

4. You honestly don’t have the time in your schedule to blog regularly.

I make time, but still, I inevitably leave writing the posts to the night before they are due to go live… *facepalm*.

5. You’ve been blogging for a year or more, and haven’t built up to a traffic level that seems worth it.

My blog is integral to my website and as such I don’t get a real feel for how many people visit just for blog posts. BUT… I do get between 500 and 1100 hits a day on the site… so I don’t think I’ll be giving up any day soon…

So what would YOU like authors to blog about? Do you want book news, story ideas, or do you want to know more about the country they live in?

RJ Scott is the award winning author of The Christmas Throwaway, The Heart Of Texas and The Gallows Tree. She can mostly be found writing. When not writing she is reading or watching re-runs of ER. She has a long suffering husband and two children and lives just outside of London in England.

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Book 1 in The Supernatural Bounty Hunters Series: The Vampire Contract. Out from Extasy 1 February 2013

Vampire contract


Vampire Micah Jamieson is found guilty of killing his human husband. He runs from the execution he is facing to get home. He just has to pray he’ll reach home before supernatural law enforcement, in the shape of a Glitnir Court Retriever close in on him.

Wolf shifter and Retriever, Connor Strand easily captures Micah and he’s fully prepared to take the runaway in. But his wolf has other ideas. Something about Micah challenges Connor and his long held belief.

What if Micah is actually innocent? Will Connor put to one side his own prejudices, and then risk both his life and career to keep Micah safe?