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What Makes a Vampire Loveable?

First of all, thank you Victoria for having me on your blog. :)

Second of all, I love a good vampire story, don’t you?


Not so long ago, vampires were considered to be among the most fearsome monsters known to go bump in the night. Old legends from a variety of cultures and classic books like Dracula made it clear that vamps were to be avoided at all costs. They even suggested possible deterrents – garlic, anyone?

That’s all changed. Nowadays, people seem more concerned with how to attract vampires than avoiding them, and many a popular romance hero and heroine sport a pair of pointed fangs and crave blood. Why the shift in popular opinion – why the appeal? I’ve got a theory, and it’s pretty simple – people are finally looking at the human side of vampires. After all, they were all regular people like you and me before they became vamps.

Does being transformed really kill all a person’s human emotions, habits and morals and turn them into a ruthless monster?

Modern readers don’t seem to think so. Vamps do, however, have their work cut out for them when it comes to retaining their humanity. It’s a constant battle not to give in to the destructive impulses that are part of their new nature, and yet, some choose to fight it. I think it’s this exact struggle that makes vampires such appealing and even relatable story characters. We humans face the same sort of dilemmas every day – we’re all tempted at times to do things we know we shouldn’t. Watching vamps struggle with this on a more dramatic scale reminds us of our own experiences. This is what makes it possible for readers to love vampires.

In my story Eternity and a Year, that’s what makes it possible for Carrie to love her fiancé, who returns after a year long disappearance as a vampire. Being together again is a struggle, but they’re both convinced that the love and experiences they shared as a human couple will see them through – even if they are being hunted by an evil vampiress who’s totally forsaken her humanity and is determined to do murder.

What about you – if you’re a fan of good vampire fiction, what do you find appealing about them?



Having already lost her fiancé once, Carrie is determined when he finds
her again to see that their love lasts for the eternity that he promised
her – even if he is a vampire, and being hunted by another who’s already
proven that she’ll kill for him.

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