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My dad used to say: “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to know.”

I hated it back then because he said it in response to me getting busted for something or another. Did you get ticketed for speeding? Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to know. Did you miss curfew? Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to know. Did you get caught lying to the school about missing class when you were torn and angry over your first break up? Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to know. It really became “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want DAD to know,” but you get the idea.

I had that very thing happen at the office recently. Months ago, I told two people who I knew would be okay with the subject matter of my stories that I was writing gay erotic romance. During a meeting, one blurted out that little secret. She thought she was making a joke, I think, but I wasn’t laughing at the time. (When one works for a very conservative, Republican corporation, one does not shout from the rooftops that one likes to write about pretty gay boys in compromising but fully enjoyable positions.)

The result was twenty minutes of trying to explain (to six other people who didn’t know I wrote anything besides snarky emails about ongoing battles with other departments) why I write about gay men, how I know what to write, and why I won’t write female love interests. It was very uncomfortable, but mostly forgotten and waved off by everyone, except the one girl who stood up and admitted she’d be very interested in reading one of my stories some day. My discomfort shifted to gratitude. She hasn’t broached the subject since that day, but whether she was truly interested or not, she deflected the non-stop questions and managed to redirect the meeting to its purpose: trashing those other departments in an effort to figure out how to work with them.

I haven’t been outed to everyone yet. While I expect that some members of that meeting repeated that juicy bit of gossip, I doubt my current supervisor knows what I write, though he does know that after a certain point each day he’s not to expect work-related work from me. He tells me, about once a week, to keep writing.

But what about Dad? What about not doing anything I wouldn’t want him to know?

He knows. He’s asked me all of those same questions. He’s not happy about the subject matter, but since Mom accepts it, she’s tempering his disappointment. Mom wasn’t so much an outing as a slow flow of hints and unexplained comments that led her to understand what I was writing before officially telling her: “No, I’m not sending you a copy of that story, Mom. I can begin to explain all the things you’ll hate – the angel falling, the arguments against church doctrine, the explicit homosexual sex….”

She surprised me. She hasn’t read it yet, but intends to download it on her brand new Kindle this weekend (yet another surprise given her “love’ of technology). She supports me even though she’d prefer to see me going to church instead of torturing angels. It’s a good thing too, because my next short story is about an angel who loves a demon. I want the whole world to know that, except maybe my dad, who’s still coming to terms with my complete and utter acceptance of the gay community. He’s taking little steps, and I don’t mind that he’s not a fan, because he is facing my Mom’s favorite retort growing up: “Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer.”



“Man has free will, and guardian angels have an eternal place in the holy host.

When unexpected feelings interfere with Malchediel’s guidance of a mortal being, he must decide if his love for one man is true, or the work of the devil. Charged with the soul of handsome but suicidal Bran Weller, Malchediel faces a new challenge: Bran’s steadfast belief that homosexuality is not wrong despite the Church’s view of his lifestyle.

In the course of his angelic duties, Mal is tempted to turn a blind eye to long-standing rules of guardianship as he falls in love with his charge. Torn between faith in God and belief that every man deserves love, Malchediel must find a way to balance heart and soul, or risk a Fall to Hell.”

You can order Fallen directly from the publisher here: FALLEN
Also available on Kindle and Nook.

About the Author:

Pia Veleno is a naughty girl, but she knows you’re naughty too. Tongue-in-cheek, and everywhere else, she spends her time channeling her inner gay boy, running nowhere, and avoiding housework. Her debut, Fallen, is available through Silver Publishing and her webfic blog, CRANK is well into its second year of steamy manlove and stake-worthy vampires.
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