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Sex and the … Dishwasher
by Mina Dorian

Did you know that women are more inclined to have sex with men who do the dishes?
Yeah, neither did I. Until my husband decided to share this bit of information with me. Right after he put the dishes in the dishwasher. Hmm. Interesting, I thought, and decided to do some research on it. Later, because, we got, err, kind of distracted that evening. Then I forgot all about it until recently, when a friend, who had read my story “The Accidental Sub”, informed me (over tea and cupcakes) that the hero, Jon, was exactly like my husband. I almost choked on my cupcake, because you know, I love my husband to distraction and he certainly is a dear, but we’re both not exactly hero material for BDSM-influenced erotic romance.

When I stopped coughing and was finally able to ask her what she meant, she explained about this dishwasher theory she had read somewhere (it seems everybody reads the same magazines – except me) and that I was obviously describing the same kind of caring relationship that I have with my husband in my story.

So, there it was again, the dishwasher theory. This time I decided to do some research (which, to me usually means googling away on the internets). I found a very brief article in a popular magazine for men entitled “Want to have sex? Do the dishes” – yeah, subtle title, that -, quite a few forums discussing whether it’s appropriate to clean your sex toys in the dishwasher (interesting…), a study from the University of Illinois about “choreplay” (i.e. the connection between men helping with the chores and women wanting sex), and … this picture, which, to my mind, explains a lot:


So, what do you think?
About the theory, guys, not the picture!

Oh, I almost forgot. I brought more evidence: “The Accidental Sub” is out now from Total-E-Bound. It’s in the Subspace Anthology with loads and loads of other cool stories. And here’s an excerpt for your enjoyment:

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One minute to go. She checked her makeup in her pocket mirror, then had to readjust her top again. Thirty seconds. She peeked out through the glass doors but couldn’t see much of the street. At eight o’clock sharp a black Saab convertible pulled to the kerb, just as she stepped out of the building. The roof was closed so she couldn’t see the driver but the passenger door was opened for her from the inside and she didn’t hesitate to get into the car.

He looked even more handsome than she remembered, in black jeans and a tight black T-shirt that fitted his broad, muscular upper body to perfection. His short brown hair was combed back, and a pair of black Ray Bans dangled from the neckline of his T-shirt. He was definitely gorgeous enough to eat, and Catherine had a strong compulsion to lick his body from head to toe.

He said, “Good evening, Catherine.” His deep voice went straight to her G-spot and her knees went weak.

She risked another brief glance at him and whispered a shy ‘Hello’, before turning to fasten her seatbelt. Suppressing the insane urge to throw herself at his feet and beg him to take her right here in the car, she meekly folded her hands in her lap and stared at the floor. He started the engine and pulled away from the kerb. Catherine didn’t dare ask him where they were going. She felt completely at his mercy, and a delightful shiver of anticipation ran through her body.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he ordered as they stopped at a traffic light. A feeling of calm spread slowly through Catherine’s whole body. It was such a relief to cede responsibility to him. She wriggled forward in the seat and clasped her wrists behind the small of her back. No longer self-conscious about how she looked, she attuned herself to his wishes, anticipating the pleasure of his touch.

He took one hand off the wheel and reached over to pull her cowl neck down below her waist and expose both breasts. He gave an appreciative ‘Hmm’ when her nipples hardened in the cool evening air. He slipped his hand between her legs, nudging her thighs apart as far as they would go in the short skirt. “I like the outfit,” he commented and slipped one long finger into her, then ran it through her folds to spread the moisture. “Hmm,” he rumbled again. His hand slipped lower and his probing fingers found the butt plug. “Very nice.”

He tapped the end lightly, sending shivers of dark delight up Catherine’s spine. She imagined him taking her from behind, fucking first her pussy and then her arsehole. The vivid mental images made her so wet she was sure she would leave a puddle on the seat.

The light turned green and he took his hand away abruptly to put it back on the steering wheel. Catherine felt strangely bereft without his touch. She clenched her mouth shut around a tiny whimper of frustration.

Want more? Get your copy of Subspace from Total-E-Bound. Did I mention it’s totally worth it, because it’s an anthology filled with hot stories? Buy Now – £6.49

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