Friends Friday – MA Stacie!

MA Stacie is here today with more about her story in my favourite (okay, I am a little biased) sexy seaside anthology!


Sexy Ice Cream Fun

Huge thanks to Victoria for allowing me a little place on her blog. It’s a pleasure to be asked, and to be included in the Smut by the Sea anthology.


My short, Ice Cream Kisses, is one of the many stories within in the wonderful anthology, and I stumbled upon the submission call after Lucy Felthouse sent out a tweet. I adore the great British seaside and spent many summers making sand castles and riding on the funfair. There’s nowhere quite like it so I knew I had to write something for it. However, I’m sure my dad would be horrified that I’d turned my childhood memories into smutty fantasies.

The seaside always reminds me of ice cream, fish and chips and those really greasy, sugary donuts you buy on the pier. Yum! But when I sat down at my laptop, ready to plot this short story out, the idea of writing a sexy scene within a chip shop or donut stall didn’t quite do it for me. The smell would be divine, the grease, not so much. This left me with ice cream, and who doesn’t like yummy ice cream? And if ice cream was involved then my couple were certainly going to play.

“He waved the ice cream scoop at her, winking and flashing his dimpled cheeks. The butterflies in her stomach went wild, and no amount of controlled breathing helped. There was just something about the man in front of her that got her hormones raging whenever he was close.”

I love writing short stories, because I enjoy writing one small snapshot of someone’s life. I always enjoy the air of mystery as not all questions need to be answered. Skye will therefore always be a little bit of an anomaly. Ice Cream Kisses is just one small moment in her life. Her past, and future for that matter, are left to the reader’s imagination.

The decision as to what my couple would get up to was the hardest (no pun intended) part of all. Nothing quite beats the excitement and nerves experienced when a couple could get caught. I find interactions like that intriguing to read though writing them is a challenge. Especially as I’d chosen a very busy seaside—Brighton Beach, and at a very busy time—an open air concert. Keeping the anxiety level while still conveying what the couple were up to was taxing.

“A frisson of excitements skittered down her spine, causing her to shudder lightly. She shimmied through the gap, growing instantly aware of the minimal space they were going to have to share. “Are you allowed to do this?” she asked anxiously. “Should I really be back here?” Shooting her a mischievous grin, he shrugged. “Who’s to know?”

A whirling sound enveloped them, followed by the light grinding of gears. The metal shutters started to slide down, blocking out the sunlight, along with much of the heat. A nervous anticipation filled the enclosed booth, speeding up her pulse as well as her temperature.

Skye stuttered, trying to explain that he didn’t need to do this for her. They barely knew each other, and as today was her last day, how far could this interaction possibly go?”

I always play music while I write. ‘Fat Boy Slim’ music was my soundtrack while writing this one to get the atmosphere of the bustling seaside town. The DJ has held a few open air concerts on Brighton Beach.

There may also have been a little product testing with the ice cream. It would have been wrong not to research the story, right? People say write what you know. Well, now I know an awful lot about ice cream, but maybe not so much about saucy interludes with the ice cream seller in the back of his shop.

Each of the stories in the anthology is worth a read, so what’s stopping you? Pick up your copy today!