Friends Friday Lily Harlem!


The lovely Lily Harlem is here today answering my seasonal questions! So settle back and enjoy, here’s Lily!

Do you enjoy the winter? I adore the winter, probably more so than the summer. I’m a bit of a homebody. I like being around the house, in the garden and walking the dog on the beach just at the end of my road. And if I don’t see anyone other than Mr Harlem for several days I’m perfectly content. The summer seems to draw with it the need to go out and do things, visit family, attend friends BBQ’s. Its not that I am anti-social, but in the winter I relish that sense of hibernating, albeit luxury hibernating with a roaring fire, good wine and sexy company, but still, its my brand of hibernating. Not to mention I can tap out lots of stories without interruption or without feeling guilty that I should be making the most of the nice weather. I write considerably more in the winter than I do in the summer, especially once I’ve got my Christmas shopping done.

Do you write about the winter holidays (Christmas etc) often?


The first book I ever had published was a Christmas novel called Candy Canes and Coal Dust. I saw a call for submissions at Total-E-Bound and set about writing in one of my favourite sub-genres, ménage. Its a naught tale of a girl who really doesn’t want anything sweet and sickly for Christmas, in fact what she wants is dirty and naughty but ultimately makes her feel oh, so good. The story starts off with her having an erotic dream on a flight to Finland and all the other passengers overhear her gasps and frantic shouts of delight – I was embarrassed for her writing that scene!

This year I’ve written my second Christmas book, a full length novel called Cold Nights, Hot Bodies, which is available at Ellora’s Cave. This is about a girl who adores reading erotic romances and is in desperate need of her very own hero to come and sort out her niggling virginity problem. I actually started writing this last winter when we were snowed in for a few weeks. I was great starting off a story in the right mind set and I’m thrilled with the finished product, and the cover – phew – he is just as I imagined Shane to look when I was writing his character.

What’s your favourite festive tale?

Anything that is set in the snow, has a hunky hero (or heroes) and a happy ending works for me!

Is winter sexy?

Very, when else can you go to bed at seven and not get up until the morning. In the summer there would be too much light and noise, other things to do. In the winter its all about keeping warm and entertained on those long, dark nights.

I like my winter wardrobe too, its sexy in a cosy kind of way. I like my long boots teamed with skinny jeans. Soft woollen sweaters and cashmere scarves. Also going shopping for a new party dress is always fun. I adore the really rich, jewel colours, and the fact that there is so much funky costume jewellery on offer. I adore getting dressed up for a party, in fact sometimes more so than going to the party!!

What’s your latest release tell us all about it!

As I mentioned above it is a Christmas novel called Cold Nights, Hot Bodies. I am so excited about it. I have been submerged in writing sequels/series this year, so having two brand new characters to play with was enormous fun, and because of the heroines love of erotic romance, I really hope that readers will be able to identify with her.


Blurb for Cold Nights, Hot Bodies:

All my life I’ve been the quiet bookworm, the office mouse. It hasn’t bothered me. Immersing myself in erotic novels has kept me wriggling on the edge of my seat at work and firmly entrenched in my own fantasy world at night.

Though one thing is bothering me—my damn virginity. If only I could find a sexy bedroom expert to introduce me to the delights of having a lover. Someone handsome and charming, who can rival the hunky alpha males in my books. I have a very vivid, very well-fed imagination—he’ll have to keep up.

Then, one bitterly cold night, thanks to a devious, conniving so-called-friend, the perfect opportunity to rid myself of this pesky virginal problem comes along. Before I know it, the heroes in my novels have come alive in the person of Shane Galloway, who’s pleasuring me with every trick in the book and wheedling into my heart in the hottest possible of ways.

Do you believe in Father Christmas?

Of course. I even saw him once, flying through the air with all his reindeers. It was a magical experience and has stayed with me for many years. Also, I wouldn’t dream of going to bed on Christmas eve without leaving out a slice of cake and some sherry for him. That would be just rude.

What’s your Favourite festive food?

Mince pies every time! And favourite drink – mulled wine, oh, yum – served with cinnamon sticks and in a tall glass its extra tasty after a long walk on a frosty afternoon. Perfect.

Which film do you watch over again at Christmas time?

It would have to be Love Actually. I completely adore every single character and story line and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t watch it. Also I love Gremlins, I know its not a romantic Christmas story, but it makes me giggle!

Do you get much writing done between the festivities?

Yes, a bit, though it does depend whether or not I’m in the middle of something as the holiday season starts. If characters are behaving and keeping quite then I try and spend all my time with Mr H. But if there’s something that just has to get out of my head; characters, a story that needs to be tapped out, then I’m afraid I have to do it, its a compulsion and I can’t relax until its done.

Thanks so much for inviting me over today, Victoria. Its been fun. And I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Lily x

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