Friends Friday-Lexie Bay! Delights of the Younger Man!

Firstly let me say a huge THANK YOU to Victoria for hosting me on Friends Friday today! This is my first time here and I’m really excited!

At first I didn’t really know what to talk about. I’ve got a couple of things going on, but nothing I can talk about yet, so instead of telling you what I’ve been up to I thought I’d share my thoughts with you about something that’s been influencing some of my writing recently.

The younger man! Who can resist the tight toned body of a gorgeous, sexy twenty something guy. You know the type I mean. I’m talking Zac Efron, Marshall Allman (from Tru Blood; if you love him, you’ll know who I mean, if not look him up immediately!), Brett Harrison, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Tom Felton, David Henrie… I could go on all day!!

In this business you spend a lot of time thinking about guys, but this year I had that moment when I realised that a lot of the men I’m in lust with are younger than me; in fact to be honest most are a lot younger! It was a bit scary to finally admit that I’m heading towards the dodgy area of being old enough to be their mother!

The thing is I don’t feel any older than I did when I was in my twenties. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ancient, just heading towards 40 in a few months , but is there a point when it’s wrong to be fantasising about a sexy, toned young guy rather than looking in the direction of the 40 something’s that are out there? I’m lucky, as my gorgeous husband is younger than me so I can indulge but do I really want to become like “Doris” from Gavin and Stacey?! (Probably, yes, she seems to have a lot of fun!)

So what are the pros and cons of the younger man? Well for a start youth comes with stamina, and that’s always a bonus. Who could refuse a whole night of passion in the arms of your gorgeous boy; not sleeping until the sun starts to come up?

Then there’s the smooth skin and the hard muscles all over their gorgeous bodies. I’m a sucker for a toned, tanned arm, a six-pack and a hard muscled back that disappears into low-slung jeans….. *drool*.

Younger guys seem to have an intensity about them too, as if they fall instantly in love with you. They can make you feel like the only girl in the world and as an added bonus, all your best sex moves, honed over years of experience are a novelty to them! You can be a sex goddess and they get to brag to their mates about the amazing sex they’re having – it’s a win:win situation! Oh and they smell good. I don’t know why but the younger guys I know seem to be much more interested in looking good and smelling nice than the older ones.

I suppose there have to be some negatives…. It’s never fun going back to his place and finding he lives with his mum, especially if he still has his old Star Wars duvet and that poster of the girl in the tennis dress with her bum hanging out! Or what about if he’s sharing with several other guys and the bathroom carries a health warning. And then of course you’ll probably need a degree in text speak to decipher what he’s trying to say in his messages…..

To me the younger man promises excitement, fun and never ending summer. Snogging for hours, sharing your last Rolo and strolling along the beach with a flower he’s picked for you tucked in your hair. It’s like going back to a time without responsibility, when life was limitless and you were going to live forever. Hell who am I trying to kid, I’m think I might be having a midlife crisis!

I’ll be honest with you; I’m not going to discriminate by age when it comes to fantasies. That’s the fun of a fantasy; you can do what you want and who you want! But while I love Ryan Reynolds and Gerard Butler as much as the next woman, there’s just something adorable about the sweet, innocent, sexy smelling youth of those boys still in their twenties, that I just can’t resist.

Love Lexie xx

Lexie started writing to immerse herself in a fantasy world where women are adored and men fall at their feet. Then she realised that sometimes men do that so you can stomp all over them in your sexy stiletto boots and since then she’s been creating stories that stay true to her original romantic dream while exploring the erotic, the kinky and the downright filthy. She finally found the courage to unleash them onto the world and now writes about anything that emerges from the murky depths of her imagination, whenever she gets the opportunity.

Lexie lives with her husband and two daughters in a house by the sea on the south coast of England, and spends her days working as an accounts manager. She loves chocolate, theme parks, BBQs on the beach and cosy winter Sundays and her dream is to write full time.

You can read two of her stories in the fabulous Uniform Behaviour edited by Lucy Felthouse.

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