Friends Friday – Kev Blisse’s Nearly Birthday Special Edition.


Tomorrow my bestest friend in the whole world has a birthday. Kev ‘Mitnik’ Blisse is my husband, my soulmate and the guy I go to whenever I need a friend. When I was tidying out the bedroom recently I found a copy of the vows we made to each other on our wedding day:


I’m blessed to have a husband and a best friend all wrapped into one. He’s fabulously talented too, he’s made this website and lots of awesome images for me including banners and covers like this one for Smut in the City:


If you want to see more of his awesome talents check out his page on Writer Marketing.

So today’s Friends Friday celebrates my husband and the deep friendship we share.

small sign

We met online in 1998,(he pinched my virtual bottom, cheeky thing!)and we’ve been inseperable since. I’d have it no other way.

Happy nearly birthday, love!