Friends Friday -Jude Lieberman And my Mate Joe!


So today we’ve got a double dose of Friendship! Jude Liebermann is up first!


Who are my favorite characters and why? The first two that jump to mind are Sierra and Drew. They are my newest characters, but they are also the most special. What do I mean by special? They have abilities that no normal human possesses. The reason for this, of course, is that they are not merely human. Let’s start with Drew.

Drew came along half-way through my A Modern Myth trilogy. His mother, Nada, was the heroine of those stories, but Drew was such a powerful character that he eventually starred in the final book and inspired an erotic romance all his own. It’s really hard to describe the kind of person Drew is, so here is an excerpt from Drew’s Destiny, the third story in the saga:

Drew hadn’t known how it would feel, but he hadn’t expected this. His nails sharpened into claws as they dug into his palms. He pulled on the ropes and they creaked with the effort. It was exquisite torture and his breath came in short gasps. Once he was completely sheathed, Sera sighed. It was almost his undoing and his growl got deeper. He felt her lean forward and lightly touch his lips with her own. He lifted his head to deepen the kiss, but she pulled back and began to ride him. Drew’s eyes flew open.

If Sera had opened her eyes at that moment, she might have fallen off of him. His brown eyes were now completely gold with black slits and they were fringed with red. His mouth was open and the fangs were clearly visible. The rope had thinned during his effort to be free, but the pleasure was intense and Sera went with it. Her hands were braced on his strong chest before moving behind her to clasp onto his thighs. She threw her head back and moaned as the pleasure overtook her. She was barely aware of how close Drew was to his climax, as his strong arms tugged one last time on the ropes. They couldn’t withstand the abuse any longer and snapped. He sat up and wrapped his arms around her as they rolled over and fell off the bed.

Sera’s eyes opened in surprise as she was suddenly thrown to her back, the breath knocked from her lungs. Her head hit the floor hard and she saw stars. Drew pounded within her a few times before he let out a hair-raising howl. She tried to regain her breath as he buried his face in her neck and went still.

‘Drew?’ His arms were wrapped so tightly around her that she could barely draw breath to speak, and it felt as if his nails were dug into her skin.

‘Wait.’ His voice was pained, and Sera nervously licked her lips and swallowed the lump in her throat. She felt a sharp pain as his teeth scraped against her neck. Her eyes rolled up toward the ceiling as she thought about the strength that it took to snap those ropes. Tears filled her eyes as she closed them, but then a strange flapping noise forced them open again. She sucked in her breath and bit her tongue to keep from screaming. Two huge brown wings cut through the air above them. She didn’t dare move her hands, fearing she would feel that they were connected to Drew’s back. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm down. When she opened her eyes again, the wings were gone. Drew gave a shuddering breath and then rolled off of her.

As you can see he is a complicated character, and I fell in love with him as I wrote his story. He inspired me so much that I eventually wrote an erotic romance about his continuing adventures, Drew’s Awakening, and it was published by Cobblestone Press.

Sierra is my newest character and is the heroine of Sierra Sky, which will be released by Total-e-Bound on January 16, 2012. She is a hybrid of human and alien. Her father is a King of his home planet, and she is forced to travel to his home and marry a rival prince. But she is in love with her bodyguard and wants to be with him. Knowing she must do her duty, she decides she can have her cake and eat it too.

Here is an unedited excerpt of her story:

Fingers searched the gravel, looking for a large rock or stone. Her knuckles grazed her ass, and her eyes widened in alarm and fear. Whatever had stabbed her tailbone was in her clothing…and it was moving.

She leaped to her feet, ignoring the intense rush of pain. It flew up her spine and exploded behind her eyes, but her fear kept her moving. The snake like thing had wrapped itself around her left leg, and she reached into her pants to grab it. Hoping it wasn’t poisonous; she quickly pulled it out and tried to throw it away from her. Being only partially successful, her lip curled as she stared over her shoulder to see the thing whipping the air behind her. It had attached itself to her backside and was poking out from the waistband of her jeans.

“What the hell?” As feeling fully restored to her body, a hard tug of the creature caused her to yelp in pain. Had it bitten her? She broke out in a cold sweat, unsure what to do next. Expecting her fingers to get sticky and damp from her own blood, she held her breath as she explored where the snake was attached. When she felt dry skin and no sign of teeth or fangs, her exploration deepened. Fingers stroked and probed until she became certain that it wasn’t a snake but a tail.

“I have a tail.” It was supposed to be a question but came out as a statement instead. “How can I have a tail?”

To read the rest of this excerpt, be sure to visit my forum.

The rest of my characters are also exciting and worth reading about. Feel free to join my forum, where I post many free reads for my active members.

Thanks Jude! Now I’ve got another friend I especially want to introduce you to today as it’s a special day for me and this friend. Read on!

As I am sure everyone knows by now today I am in London for my Book Launch. I’ll be at Sh!Hoxton from 7.30pm reading excerpts from Tempting Rendezvous and signing copies.

Today’s Friends Friday is dedicated to a very special friend of mine, without him the Rubenesque Rendezvous series wouldn’t exist. Today I’m going to tell you all about Joe. Because Joe is based on a real life American. First here’s the Tempting Rendezvous Blurb

Curvy single mum Leanna is waiting for a man, not just any man.He has to be handsome, intelligent, funny and dominant. Enter Joe, he’s a masterful business man who brooks no nonsense and who punishes Leanna in just the way she needs, just the way she likes. He appreciates her curves and uses every excuse to get his hands on them!

Passion sparks between the couple, Naughty liaisons and public games all play to their deepest desires but can their love blossom? Will Joe give up his workaholic lifestyle and Can Leanna learn to trust another person with the most important thing in her life-her child?


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I met Joe on a little internet site called Literotica on the forums there. Before I was a published Erotic Romance Author I wrote stories and put them up online there for everyone to see and I would chat in the Author’s Hangout of that site pretty regularly (still do from time to time) and then one day I came across Joe.

Joe Wordsworth was in many ways the complete opposite of me. He got into arguments…I mean debates all the time, would never shy away from controversy and would rub people up the wrong way regularly. I on the other hand am known for being nice. I was first struck by his AV (yep, I’m shallow sometimes too) and then by his cheeky arrogance and his sense of humour. So I set about getting to know him more.

Now to this day I really do not know quite how we came to be such firm friends, but we did. Joe became known as my soft spot and it became all the more obvious when my stories took to mentioning tall, dark American strangers! I first wrote Naughty Rendezvous about 5 years ago and it was up on literotica for a while. I told Joe he was the inspiration for it and he was tickled pink by my confession I am glad to say.

I submitted Naughty Rendezvous to my publisher once I got established and as many of you know it was published back in 2007 for a while. When it came out there I was struck with a need to write a sequel. Joe and Leanna were demanding more of me. So a sequel was written. About this point I removed all my work from that publisher and so Naughty Rendezvous and the follow up just sat on my computer feeling sorry for themselves.

While all this is happening Joe and I became not just friends but best mates. I know him as Flannel now too, not as his internet nickname. We converse as a matter of regularity, I email him every day he emails me when I myther him into doing it, ha, that’s an inside jokes folks, but it’s kinda true! ;) He knows my secrets and I know his. I still think he’s hot (don’t worry, the hubby knows and approves the friendship!) but now I love him more for his personality and for the friendship we share between us.


So back to the story. Earlier this year I had a hit with Getting Physical and the 2 other books in my Getting Together series. Getting Physical was featured on the Vanessa show and I got all excited about having a series out there for the world to enjoy. So PING! I remember Naughty Rendezvous and it’s sequel and my plans for a third book to complete the set. So I told Flannel all about it and settled in to writing the third book.

I submitted them to Xcite and heard back not long after. They wanted to publish them. This was fabulous news in itself but when Hazel Cushion, the big boss lady at Xcite (and all round lovely person) told me that all three books were to be combined into a novel and printed in time for me to take them to sign at Erotica I screamed with delight. And now 2 of the three ebook Novellas are out there. Naughty Rendezvous and Seductive Rendezvous have both received rave reviews and I couldn’t be happier that people are loving Joe as much as I do.

And now Tempting Rendezvous is out there for folks to buy too. If you look at the dedication in all these books you’ll see a mention to Flannel. My best mate, my big fan and my inspiration. Without him none of this would be possible. So today’s Friend’s Friday is a HUGE thank you to my friend Flannel, the inspiration behind Tempting Rendezvous.