Friends Friday – Jaime Samms!


Thanks, Victoria, for having me by. I’m sorry to say, this Friend’s Friday post isn’t about a new release, since there’s nothing new to talk about. My last release was Off Stage Right, which came out in April, and that feels like forever ago. It isn’t, but it feels like it.

I am feeling the pressure of an impending release frenzy, though, since I’ve been editing for what feels like weeks and weeks. In fact, I guess it has been most of the month of August I’ve been touching up various books set to come out in the fall. It’s going to be a mad house of nerves around here as I try hard not to lose my mind! lol!

Right now, though, I’m sunk inside the cushion-y world of word choices, point of view and tense agreement, coma splices and junk words. A lot of writers I know call that place hell. Or a black hole. I call it my happy place.

There are words everywhere, and an edit never goes by where I don’t learn some new trick or discover a grammar rule I didn’t know. Ok. So there are apparently a lot of grammar rules I don’t know. I know how they work, in the same way I understand the basics of how my car, or electricity works, but ask me to name the parts of said vehicle, or explain the intricacies of positive and negative currents to someone, and it’s the same as asking me to take a grammar test. I don’t know the terms or the mechanics. I just know when it sounds right and when the light comes on.

I can sit and play with words for hours, in fact. I do. And I love it. So yes, I am a word geek. People have said it before and they’ll say it again, most likely, but the fact remains. Words make me happy. They are the doorway to all the wonderful places in the universe and the path out of my head for all the people who live there. They are what I geek out over. But then everyone has something that sends them, into a tailspin of giddy joy, and that thing doesn’t even always make sense to anyone else, but that doesn’t matter. If it’s your bliss, I say, own it, Revel in it. Make it your reality, at least for a little while. And also, share, because I’d love to know what other people go all nerdy over. A book? A favorite movie? Shoes? Come on. Star Trek and World of Warcraft are not the only geek vehicles in the world. Share! Let your geek flag fly!

If you want to know more about Off Stage: Right, here’s the blurb:

Damian Learner and his grunge band, Firefly, are on a meteoric rise to success. If they get the right break, fame awaits. Seeking more professional management, Damian independently strikes a bargain with the best agent in the business, Stanley Krane. Unable to afford the penalty for breaking old contracts, Damian agrees when Stan’s best friend, country and Western megastar Vance Ashcroft, offers to buy him out of his old contract.

Overwhelmed by a crippling loan, secretive guilt, Stanley’s expectations, and a volatile relationship with Lenny, Firefly’s lead guitarist, Damian disintegrates. Bad habits of too much sex, booze, and drugs create a rift in the band. Finally Vance, with his understanding of Dominant/submissive behavior, sees that submissives Damian and Lenny are falling into chaos, clinging to each other to try to avoid the inevitable crash.

When the pressure to perform becomes too much and the unthinkable happens, Damian and Lenny have to decide: accept that they need something they can’t get from each other, or burn out and take Firefly with them. Vance is ready to claim Lenny, but even Stan’s hesitant agreement to give Damian the direction he needs might not be enough for Damian—or the band—if he loses Lenny. Buy