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Why I Write…Ladies on Top

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First off, thank you Victoria for letting me rambling here for today! :D

I was very gratified earlier this year to have a short story accepted by Cassandra Park as part of My First Spanking. There was of course the aspect of ‘hooray! An acceptance!’ but there was also the pleasure in learning that Cassandra, in part, accepted the piece because it was one of the few sent to her that had a female top and male bottom.

The decision choice was both deliberate, and unavoidable. How can it be both?

There is, as far as I can tell from my comparatively brief time hanging out in the erotica and sex writing parts of the internet, far more erotic fiction featuring female submission and male dominance than female dominance and male submission. (Forgive me that I don’t talk about the dynamics with in gay and lesbian erotica.) It’s easy to conclude from that fact alone that there is a greater demand for it. And considering the surge of popularity that 50 Shades of Grey has had (though just how much this is about genuine female submission is debatable) with female readers who otherwise read mainstream works, there is probably something to be said about it tapping into an aspect of female sexuality.

Yet what to do you do when, if you’re like me, look at M/f scenarios and think ‘well, that’s interesting – but not all the time’?

It’s not that there isn’t a market for F/m pieces – there absolutely is. Publishers like Cleis Press and Xcite release anthologies featuring F/m, and you can always find at least a few novels in any current erotica house. But it doesn’t seem as easy to find something you might enjoy when there are fewer works available to you. So that’s part of why it was deliberate; I do think there is a space to be filled by F/m works, and if that is something I can provide, then why not?

But unavoidable? Let’s see if I can explain.

My first published piece of erotica was in Filament Magazine (let us pause to remember its passing. Thank you.) You can read ‘Red by the River‘ at my website, with illustrations by Ana Laura Borowicz . While not explicitly kinky (the one sex act is a hand-job), there was a decided element, to my mind, of the female character being the one in control, in charge, very much ‘on top’. Part of it also for me is the idea of the female gaze; the woman desiring the man as a sexual object. This was a major part of Filament’s raison d’être (and one of the reason I loved the magazine and am so sorry it is gone – because while I don’t think it ever quite hit the right note with it’s photography, for reasons possibly beyond the editors control, it was on it’s way to achieving what it wanted to) and I’d like to think what I tapped into with ‘Red’ – as much as Angie is in charge, it was also about her physical attraction to Flynn; I made sure he was described as physically appealing to her. Likewise, I’ve followed this in ‘It’s Gonna Hurt’ (see excerpt below); Kira does love Orlando, but I write about his attractive face and sexy body as much as his personal qualities.

Whether these ideas came across well or not is up to the reader. What I can say is that writing it felt very right to me, as a reflection of what I find compelling about sex, and what I find compelling about men. It’s not autobiographical per se (no folks, I have never picked up a tasty red-headed artist from the banks of the Cam – if only!), but the idea that men are desirable for their physical qualities, and that a woman can arouse them by her actions, not just her looks, is pretty bloody hot.

I don’t write ladies on top just to be contrary to trends – though I confess there is a touch of that (you gotta make yourself stand out from the crowd somehow). I write it because I find men highly desirable, and not just from what they could do to me, but what I could do to them. It’s lovely to read, and to experience, sex being done to you, or someone you can imagine as you (if you read erotica to be placed in the character’s shoes, that is). But there is a deep thrill in doing, in taking the lead and creating a scenario where a very sexy man loses himself to the actions of a female character who wants to see him give himself over to her. Whether that’s something as simple as a hand-job, or a more elaborate scene involving plush cushions, scented candles, and a striking hand.


Extract: It’s Gonna Hurt, from My First Spanking

…she said, “What do you mean?”

“Like … You thinking school teacher and student, smacking me with a wooden ruler? Like you’re punishing me?”

He smiled as he said it, not aroused but amused, and strangely entertaining the idea.

Punish Orlando? When he was the one who’d drag her home to the flat and hold her forehead up so it didn’t hit the back of the toilet seat when she hurled into the bowl? When he was the one who made lunch for both of them to take to work, and actually beamed in the mornings rather than grumped and snapped before coffee?

Kira twisted the material of her sleeve at the elbow, biting her lip, shaking her head. Not that, not that at all.

“I can’t explain it. Not … so precisely. Like I know I want to see you, bent over, and …”

Body tense with excited anticipation. Lips wet and parted, flushed with arousal. Legs quivering. Panting, gasping, eyes full of … awe. How could she say that, though?

“I don’t want to hurt you.” She had to make very clear of that. At the same time … how could it not hurt? How could she not spank him and fail to mark his beautiful skin with hot red handprints?

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Jacqueline Brocker is an Australian writer living in the UK. She has had her short erotic fiction published by Filament Magazine, Every Night Erotica, by Freaky Fountain Press in the anthology Erotica Apocrypha, and by Ravenous Romance in the anthology My First Spanking. She has several shorter works forthcoming from Forbidden Fiction. Her other writing includes historically tinged fantasy and she also dabbles in crime fiction.

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