Friends Friday -Happy Birthday, Husband.


Happy Birthday Kevin Mitnik


So this week’s Friends Friday coincides with my husband’s birthday. This is the perfect opportunity for me to sing the praises of my bestest friend ever.

Kev is my number one supporter, I regularly tell people that it’s all his fault that I started to write erotic fiction in the first place. Every step of the way he has been there to cheer me on. He helps me edit my work, promote it and even gives me the titles for a lot of them. He’s always there to help me brainstorm a new story and he was intrinsic to my research for Moon Shy and The Djinn’s Amulet Series.

We met a long time ago in a world far away…okay, not so far away. We met on the internet. We fell in love, met in real life, moved in together, got married, had a beautiful daughter and we’re in the process of living happily ever after. Kev is kind, loving and thoughtful. I am a very lucky lady indeed to be married to my very bestest friend.

So this is for you, a hot red head!


And a birthday cake:


And a present:


Now bend over for your Birthday spanking. ;)

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