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Love Bytes by Gale Stanley

Valentine’s Day—love it or hate it?

Me? Meh. V-day has never been my most favorite holiday. My mixed feelings actually go all the way back to 1st grade. A pudgy ugly duckling with glasses and buckteeth, I was one of those kids who only got Valentines from the classmates who were forced to give cards to every kid in the class.

When I hit twelve, I grew out of that awkward stage and matured into a whole different look. Suddenly I was the recipient of schmaltzy cards, cheap chocolates, and rosebuds that never opened. And I realized something. I hadn’t missed a whole lot.

Please don’t take me wrong. I love romance, but I hate the commercialism that forces us to put so much pressure on ourselves to have that perfect February 14th and then makes us feel so bad when we don’t.
Love it or hate it? Leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook copy of my new release—Love Bytes—a vampyre gay erotic romance about a man who’s suffering V-Day depression. Winner to be announced Feb 18, 2013.

Valentine's, meh.


Hoping to reignite their rocky romance, geeky IT tech, Benjamin Kempler goes out of his comfort zone to buy a sexy Valentine for his boyfriend. But before the big day arrives, he gets dumped by a text message and it looks like he’ll be spending another Valentine’s Day on his own. Ben decides to make a life changing move. Instead of suffering V-Day depression alone in Los Angeles, Ben will be suffering culture shock in London where he relocates for a new start. Sexy Welshman, Rhys Wynn, welcomes Ben into his hostel—and his bed. They share a strong connection, but Ben backs off. He would rather spend Valentine’s Day alone than risk another broken heart. Rhys knows they belong together but his secret prevents him from pursuing the young American. He’s a vampyre, who’s already lost one soulmate, and he won’t risk Ben’s life.

Can love conquer all or will history repeat itself?

Love Bytes Gale Stanley.



Nineteenth Century, North Atlantic Ocean

“Rogue wave! All hands on deck!”

Rhys swallowed his mouthful of beer and watched his plate of salted meat and hard tack slide across the table.
Bloody Hell!

All in all, it had been a dismal voyage and Rhys had been looking forward to a few days of respite at the harbor. Now it appeared the misery would continue with more gloomy weather. A totally disheartening prospect, it felt as if Mother Nature, herself, had purposely conspired to depress his spirits.

The day had started out calm enough, but early on clouds began rolling in and the sky darkened. Gradually the winds had intensified. The gentle breeze became a stiff blow, and the ship had begun a nauseating rise and fall in response to the deepening swells. Below decks, the swaying of the ship had increased, but still the call came as a shock. The captain of the packet ship Deliverance believed in having a well-fed crew, and he only called the men away from the mess table for dire emergencies. Expecting the worst, Rhys pulled on an oilskin and come topside immediately.

Dear God!

It would take more than foul weather garb to protect against the monstrous wall of water heading for the ship. It had to be forty or fifty feet high. In his ten years aboard the Deliverance, so named because she carried mail and other cargo between Liverpool and New York, he’d never seen anything like it. The ship had not been designed for speed, but she was a good watertight vessel built for the rough North Atlantic seas. Still, she sailed at the whim of wind and weather, and these conditions were brutal. The old hands told stories of freakish ocean waves, but Rhys had always dismissed them as tall tales. The nightmare in front of him would not be dismissed so easily.

The gusts had risen to gale force, and the intense blow stole his breath and kept him in place. Rhys had no time to think. He grabbed at the rigging just as the monstrous wave crashed over the ship.

God help me.

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