Friends Friday – Not my Mothers Romance by Gale Stanley.

Please welcome Gale Stanley to the Blisse blog today!

This is not my mother’s romance.

The times they are a-changing and so are the books we’re reading. Sex, sex and more sex, that’s the name of the game in today’s evolving book industry.

When I was a kid the closest I came to romance were my mother’s True Story and True Confession magazines and I was forced to read them under the covers with a flashlight. We thought they were pretty risqué at the time with their romantic dramas that ran the gamut of adultery, unwed pregnancy, disease and even rape. But those tales of sex and sin pale in comparison to today’s romance novels.

One thing remains the same, readers like their stories to focus on the relationship between the characters. They want to see the romance develop, the conflicts resolved and the hero and heroine have an emotionally satisfying happily ever after.

The biggest difference between the days of my youth and now is that we can open the bedroom door and share the physical connection as well as the emotional. Erotic romance, an uninhibited blend of romance and erotica, takes the sexual heat to a whole new level. Some people tend to confuse erotic romance with porn. Nothing could be further from the truth. Where porn is written strictly for titillation, an erotic romance is first and foremost a love story. It has a good plot and well-developed characters that go through hell. Somehow they overcome the conflict and obstacles and it all ends happily for them.

An erotic romance differs from a traditional romance because there’s a greater emphasis on the sex scenes. And erotic romance differs from erotica because there’s a greater emphasis on the love story. In an erotic romance the reader gets the whole package. Not to mention the fact that stories come in all flavors. Contemporary, historical, paranormal, suspense, science fiction – there’s something for everyone.

I love writing the sex scenes as much as reading them. The biggest challenge is to keep them unique so the story doesn’t start to sound like a how-to book. I try to focus on the characters and their personalities. Their emotional response and sexual chemistry add a whole new dimension to each scene.

We’ve come a long way. I think it’s great that the barriers have come down and writers can deal frankly with social and sexual mores and give the readers what they want. Of course some people still ask me “have you written anything that I can read?’ And if my mother were still here, I’m sure I’d still be hiding my books under the mattress.

here’s what she has written:

Black Wolf Gorge: Book 2
Blurb: Human contact is the last thing Sable wants and the she-wolf lives wild to avoid any chance encounters. But when a hunter sees her transform into his quarry, she becomes fair game. Jude and his twin capture the feral creature but lust blurs the line between captor and captive.
Available Oct. 4 at:

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A Contemporary MM Erotic Romance
Paul Stanton thought he had it all, a great job, a beautiful condo and a stable relationship with his soul mate. When his lover dumps him for another man, Paul is forced to rethink his life. He visits his childhood home in rural Pennsylvania and gets stranded in the woodlands where a chance meeting between him and a hunter is his only option for survival. He knows the type. A backwoods bigot like the men he grew up with. But what choice does he have? A few days with the Mountain Man convinces Paul there’s more to Andy Reynolds than meets the eye. But is it enough to bind two men who have nothing in common except their sex?

Available Oct 16 at:


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