Friends Friday – Em Woods Happily Ever After.

Please welcome fellow Total-E-Bound author Em Woods to the Blisse Blog today. Here’s a little info about her and her book!

Em Woods is a working mom of two very active little boys who writes during the vampire hours. She writes gay romance for Total-E-Bound Publishing and her debut story, Not Anymore, was released on September 27th. You can visit Em at her website/blog – for more information.


Programmer Dan Perry needs a vacation. He talks his boss into giving him a week off to fly to Hawaii with his sister and her boyfriend. He knows he’ll be the third wheel but he has to get out of the office and away from his abusive ex.
As the second partner in the software firm where Dan works, Logan has wanted him from a distance for over a year. Now, Logan intends to make his move but things heat up when Dan is abducted. Can Logan save Dan and convince him that love is worth a shot?

And now for her Blog!

Happy for now… or Happy for always?

Hi everyone! First let me start out by saying a big thank you to Victoria for letting me play around on her blog today…it’s always fun to visit friends!

Second, I want to admit to being a romance junkie.
I love romance. Any kind. I like werewolves (Moon Shy!!), Vampires (Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series), Psychics (Kay Hooper’s Bishop series), elves, leopards, and regular everyday people.

Now, anyone who’s been to the bookstore knows there is subgenre after subgenre of romance novels, right? Contemporary, historical, fantasy, suspense, paranormal, etc. Then you have straight, gay, lesbian, ménage, and the list goes on…

The sea of romance variation is as vast the people who write them. But even in the wide variety, ladies and gentlemen, there are only two types of endings. Happily For Now (HFN) and Happily Ever After (HEA).

HEA is when the main characters (regardless how many there might be) find their soul mate(s), the one(s) they are meant to spend the rest of their lives with, and after some angst and misunderstanding, they settle down to… happily ever after. HFN is when the main characters find themselves in a good place for the moment, someone they can pass time with, possibly learn something from, and maybe – only maybe – end up sticking around long term. It doesn’t matter if you’re a reader or a writer – you have your favorite too.

Go ahead and admit it. You might be okay with the “other”, but if we look closely at the books in your collection, my guess is we’ll see a trend to one side or the other.

Mine is HEA.

And my reasons for preferring happy ever after are purely selfish. I’m not a cliffhanger kind of girl. I like “total” resolution. In a happy for now story, on the final page, I can continue that story in my head and get those main characters into all kinds of trouble. And that leaves me with a feeling like I’m standing on some edge, leaning over, whirling my arms, trying not to fall. (Which ironically, is my own fault for adding words to the story, right?) But. *grin*

I want to feel like a character has found their place in life, not that they’ve found a resting place along the way. I want the big payoff, the big L*O*V*E at the end. It doesn’t matter to me if the story is about a man and woman, two men, two women, two elves, three vampires, ten dwarves… okay, the ten dwarves might bug me… but, the point is, whoever the story is about – I want them happy and committed when the end arrives.

I like the idea of my characters having what I have – that special someone who completes their heart. Who, regardless of good times or bad, is there for them beyond the final two words… the end.

I have friends who prefer it the other way. They’ll take a HFN ending any day. (secret: I think they’re thrill junkies! LOL) And when we get together and talk romance – it’s a little like a Twilight versus Harry Potter argument. Neither one of us can win the fight because both types of endings are wonderfully fabulous in their own right.

How about you? Which do you prefer and why?

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