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One of the most delightful things about my foray into writing romance has been the kindness and comradeship extended to me by so many of the others in the field. A beautiful truth about writing romance is that we get to be each other’s cheering squads. Where some fields pit their best and brightest against one another I have found that writing need not be the same. Readers can devour a book far more quickly than any writer can create one. We need each other to keep up with all the hungry minds out there, for goodness sake. Today I get the pleasure of joining the lovely Victoria Blisse for one of her Friends Friday’s and she is one of the best and brightest in the arena of succeeding via the very savvy practice of writing greatly entertaining stories and sharing the spotlight with any writer brave enough to jump onstage with her. Well done, Ms. Blisse. :)

Today I wanted to talk about a group of friends I’m fascinated with right now… the boys from my Rescue Twinks novels. So far, we’ve met Devon, Adrien, Michael Rose, heard brief mention of Michael’s little brother David… though in the mention of David in The Counterfeit Claus, he’s mistakenly called by an abbreviation of his first name, Samuel. Michael’s little brother actually goes by his middle name—his full name is Samuel David Rose—and this “slip-up” is one of many deliberately planted everyday errors that real people make and are tripped up by. They are the things I like to play with… because these are things that happen all the time in real life, and I like to see them play out in my books.

Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, I was talking about my lovely glittery boys, the Rescue Twinks. Well, they’ve been friends for years, many of them since grade school… and some of the latecomers, like Devon, don’t yet know all the intricate ins and outs of their relationships with one another… and so they make mistakes. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll find more… and, at the end of the year, I’ll be holding a contest to see who can spot the most of these ‘character goofs’ as well as where they are righted in subsequent books will be eligible for the drawing for signed print editions of the entire series. :)

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the recently released Worth A Thousand Words which is book two in the series.



Four long strides had him back across the room and stepping into the bathroom. Between one heartbeat and the next he wrapped a long arm around Adrien’s waist, lifting the smaller man up to a comfortable kissing level. He used his other arm to make sure the bathroom’s high countertop was clear of anything potentially harmful—he swept it all into the back corner of the counter. At the sudden motion, Adrien opened his mouth, a startled yelping noise issuing forth until Devon pressed their mouths together. The clink and clatter of various bottles and—good Christ, who except his madre and his lover had this much shit on their bathroom counters—other bits of fiddly stuff had Adrien squirming in his arms. Devon plopped Adrien’s delectable ass on the newly cleared counter space and slid both hands up to frame his face. He held the kiss through the entire transition, only pulling back when Adrien went boneless and pliant, opening his mouth even wider and moaning into Devon’s mouth.

Devon rested his forehead against Adrien’s. “Get in the shower, babe. I have to go meet one of my old soldiers later, and if I get in there with you I may not leave this room for several days. Well, maybe I’d make it as far as the bedroom. But even that is iffy. I’m going to go make us some lunch, and then we’ll talk about when your classes are—I know you had the Anthropology exam already, but I don’t have the rest of your schedule.”

Adrien leaned up, eyes closed as he nipped and licked at Devon’s jaw, a high, sweetly needy whine pouring out of him. Devon put his hands on Adrien’s waist to keep him steady and stepped back out of the range of Adrien’s mouth. “I—oh, Adrien, don’t make that noise. Mira, loco, that will get you fucked until you can’t walk, and make me miss my appointment.”

In the distance, a phone rang. Adrien opened his eyes. The amber color made a thin ring around huge pupils. His bottom lip poked out. “Maybe I don’t need to walk anywhere.”

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