Friends Friday – Boobiesexual


1. A woman who is mostly straight but who really, really likes women’s breasts.

The term “boobiesexual” was first coined in 2005 by blogger and podcaster Cunning Minx, mainly because there was no word at the time to describe her sexual orientation. “Sexual labels are convenient; it’s much easier to say, ‘I’m bisexual’ than to say, ‘I’m mostly straight and really into cocks, but I’ve been with a woman once or twice and can take or leave it, except for the breasts, which I grope at every opportunity . . . and it’s entirely possible that I simply haven’t met the right woman,’ ” she said in a Village Voice interview.

Personally, I think that the definition mentions women only because so few men (even gay men) would wind up outside the definition. Personally, I find them endlessly fascinating, as anyone who has read my stories can probably tell.

When I started taking notes on the themes and general plotlines of my latest work-in-progress (code name “STACK” because I don’t have a title yet) I found myself with an idea that would really turn me on if the breasts got really big, and if attention was focused on them a lot more than I’ve done before. I was frustrated, though, by the thought that with an audience that is composed of significant numbers of both genders, my idea might come across as puerile to the women, and I might end up driving some of them away.

Now this is not an uncommon doubt for me. Erotica is a funny thing, with all its twists and turns and intricacies of kinks and squicks. Anything you write risks turning people off, and possibly turning them away. Whenever I pull out another one of my secret little interests, one of those things that could really become a fetish if I had the chance, I worry that it’s going to cost me readers or listeners.

These fears are mostly unfounded. People listen to my podcast and read my work for the stories themselves primarily, I believe, and for explicit sex second. They like sex, but it doesn’t have to be completely in accord with their individual orientations and kinks in order to be enjoyable. Anyone for whom that isn’t true, isn’t going to stay around very long, in any case, because my stories are rather diverse. So in the end I’m just writing what I think is sexy, and letting my worries go.

But just because they’re unfounded, doesn’t mean they don’t plague me. So before embarking on this novel-length project, I wanted to get some feedback that doing a book with this much boob attention was going to be well received. I put out some tweets on the topic, a few posts on Facebook, and what do you know… I started getting some very enthusiastic responses. More than a few, more than I usually got when I posted teasers. It seems that a lot of women would claim the term “boobiesexual” to describe themselves.

Now the data is more than a little sketchy, but it just may be that I have discovered a seriously under-served market. There are plenty of people writing M/M erotic romances, and writing kinky and menage erotic romances, and writing straight erotic romances…but boobiesexual erotic romance? I don’t think there are very many of those out there.


Now don’t get me wrong. There is erotic fiction that focuses on breasts. For example, there are a number of websites that cater to the ‘breast expansion’ fetish. They offer stories, along with altered photographs (“morphs”) and art depicting women who either have, or obtain, breasts that are far larger than the biggest silicone queens ever get in real life. But that’s not precisely what I’m talking about. Those stories usually don’t recognize the appeal to the boobiesexual woman, and there’s rarely a romantic element, the focus on the developing relationship.

The more I write, and put the stories I write out there, the more I learn that Ann Regentin’s First Rule of Writing is not only correct, but profound:

“When you feel like you’ve gone too far, keep going.”

So I’m doing it. So far I have a few hundred words of experimental narrative, a half-finished outline, some character sketches and setting notes. The more I work on it, however, the more right this feels.

Imagine it: the heroine has got nice boobs. She knows it. She likes it when people look, when they touch, when they taste. If her partner is particularly attentive, she might even climax just from that. A lover who rushes into her pants won’t impress her; in fact, she’ll insist that her panties stay on for a good long time. It’s not that she’s numb below the waist, far from it, but she’s just as sensitive on top and enjoys that sort of attention.

She also likes to look and touch and taste other women’s boobs. It’s a sexual feeling of a different nature to being with a man. Muscles are hard and strong and powerful and she likes that; boobs are soft and squishy and fun, and she likes that too. She likes to squeeze them and pinch them and maybe even slap them a little to watch them bounce.

The attraction is primal. She might be aware that some people would call her fascination juvenile; they might say that she was weaned too early, or too late. She doesn’t care. She likes what she likes, and is completely unapologetic about it.

She’s attracted to men who like boobies as much as she does. She likes to catch a man checking out her cleavage, and waggle a finger as if she disapproves. Her ultimate sexual fantasy is to enjoy a really nice pair while the man she loves makes her feel like a goddess.

Yeah. I can do that.

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Thank you very much! Now I feel the need to go and look at some boobies but in a whole new, interesting way.

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